Consortium: Kickstarted SF Adventure Game

Didn’t see a thread on this one, and it looks like a fairly awesome instant-buy to me. Shades of “The Last Express” perhaps, but on a cool SF plane.

RPS has a positive early impression write up.

It’s the spiritual successor to Cavedog’s unreleased shooter Amen: The Awakening. It even uses Jeremy Soule’s Amen score and the lead character’s named Bishop 6!

I’ve been playing the beta and it’s kinda like an intimate Deus Ex. I think it’ll impress a lot of people.

They’ve been stuck in the top 50 of Steam Greenlight since March. If you’re interested maybe check out the project here:

Yeah, I was really excited for Amen back in the day. I actually wrote a little blog post about it a couple years back and Greg MacMartin found it and dropped me a line to tease Consortium before it had been announced. I’m pretty intrigued by what they’re doing with this title, and the RPS write-up is really encouraging.

Consortium releases on Steam tomorrow. $20 for a 6-8 hour variable campaign is a pretty nice deal. Your actions can cause quite a stir with not only the crew, but the game world itself. If you love games where your play style cuts off content, I definitely recommend checking it out.

I finished my first run through of this game last night. The graphics are a little rough, but I really enjoyed the story, and the surprisingly competent voice acting for a game of this size and scope. While I have heard that it has some bugs/performance issues, I didn’t experience them on my gaming laptop. They are also apparently working diligently to eliminate the bugs that have been identified.

I didn’t realize at the time of purchase that it was episodic, which is my bad, as it is clearly stated in the description. I will probably do another run through over the next week or so, to see how changing my actions changes the story.

The game is rather short (I think I ran through it in 3 hours), but I think that is more a result of cutting out the vast majority of filler. If you are very price sensitive, I’d say to wait for a sale. I felt like I got my money’s worth, but I tend to value short games with a strong story highly.

I enjoyed the first game, even if it went by a little too fast. Well-paced and with an interesting narrative, the reactivity of the series looks promising.

I was also surprised by the quality of the voice acting. Generally with low budget games, the voice acting is just horrible beyond belief. With this game, it was mostly good, with a couple exceptions.

I backed this on kickstarter but havent had much time to put in to it yet.

Looking forward to playing this but they sent out an e-mail yesterday that said:

We are fixing all the problems at a very rapid pace, given the huuuge number of players now hammering on the game that we did not have before. By the end of January, the game should be in GREAT shape, given the current rate of bug finding and fixing.

So I might give it a couple of weeks :)

I’d like this better if you had something like "away missions’. Being limited to the aircraft is too restricting to me.

I also think they could have come up with something other than just another jumbo jet for their craft given how advanced everything else looks, but that’s just a nitpick.

Agree with this.

I can’t help but think of it as a jumbo jet instead of a space craft. I wish they had made it look more futuristic and designed for the stated mission.

Finally played this through once… it’s… interesting. On the fence about whether to bother again for different outcomes.

If that’s where I think, shooting it endlessly in the head did the trick for me. I just uninstalled it - I’m not going to bother with an alternate path. Although I wthink it’s quite clever, the basic gameplay loop of walking around and choosing conversation options doesn’t do much for me.

I never found that person’s identity :) I had no idea. I wonder if that’s what kept me safe.