Conspiracy theories that are COMING FROM INSIDE THE FORUM!

Yeah they’re playing this very well.

Ironic considering they started this shit.

This is a huge opportunity for them to shift global leadership their way.

Given the choice between following Trump or China… Well…

They didn’t start this shit. Lets not pretend that any other fucking country would have got a handle on it and quarantined it before it spread. We’re not even successfully doing that now.

Yes, they played down how dangerous the virus was when it broke out. So is the US government today.

I agree with this. Still, it does appear that this virus started in a wet market in Wuhan. As I understand it, those markets are illegal in China, yet still fairly common. Perhaps China will crack down on them in the future. I would imagine there will be some international pressure to do so.

I’m not sure how the misbheaviour of the US government is at all relevant here.

The CCP lied to the WHO, who then lied to the world on their behalf.

Why are you so keen to minimise the crimes of a genocidal regime?

Well, for those of us living here, that misbehavior is top-of-mind for every CV-19 topic. Because it’s going to kill a bunch of us.

Right, but how is relevant to BloodyBattleBrain’s post, is what I was saying.

The idea that people with nothing to do with the US are being unreasonable in criticising the Chinese government because of Trump’s racism and nastiness is such disingenuous crap I had to call it out.

Clearly I need to use the “quote” functionality more. Did the behaviour of “reply” change so it doesnt quote? Or have I just forgotten how to work Disqus?

Okay, how is China responsible for Boris Johnson’s handling of the crisis?

And when did you stop beating your wife?

Is it all China’s fault or not? Make up your mind.

Lying to the WHO, and thereby to the world, is the CCP’s fault.

I heard China and Hillary’s emails are the cause.

No one said it wasn’t. What Kevin said is regardless of that, we would still be here. It’s not like most western governments got serious about it moment they knew the truth.

It’s an important job, that, and one for which you are ideally suited.

He also used the phrase “played down” to refer to an outright blatant lie, which China spread in order to stop countries banning flights.

I took issue with saying “China started all this”, like they launched a fucking biological weapon or something. I’m not defending the CCP, they fucked up. I’m pointing out that nearly every government, including our own, has been fucking up all along the way and LONG after the point where lying to the WHO was relevant. We have the US President lying about the virus TODAY. So yes, the misdeeds of the US government are relevant when someone wants to make the claim that this is all China’s doing. We’ve had MONTHS of public knowledge of what the extent of the virus was and are still lying about today. If the virus had originated in NY or a Kansas military base we’d be in the same situation.

Except he didnt claim it was all China’s doing. Noone claims that WW1 was all Gavrilo Princip’s doing, but he did start it all.

It’s a straw man - and It’s a classic example of how people with heterodox views get chased of this forum by being misrepresented and attacked.

Really what pissed me off was the use of the phrase “played down”. I should have restricted my comments more closely to that.

How the hell am I chasing anyone away from the forum? I pushed back on the statement “China started it” in a thread where we were just talking about the term “China virus” and what the intent of that was. I didn’t level a single insult at BBB, assign any motive to his statement, I just voiced disagreement with a single statement he made.

I’m sorry I used the phrase “played down”, if that bothered you. I’m writing on a gaming forum while a project is building and not carefully parsing a PR statement.

It’s a SARs virus that magically became a hundred times more infectious than the last one, and started in Wuhan, at a market 20 km from a biological research lab where they were researching bat’s and corona viruses…

That’s an awful lot of coincidences one after the other.

And then they tried to hush it all up, as they usually do.

I suspect they were researching this as a bio weapon, which I’m sure we do all the time too, but it escaped.

Because I don’t see them purposely inflicting that level of damage on themselves.

But yeah, they did “start” it.

Is this your serious belief or are you explaining the conspiracy theorist thinking?

So not a natural occurrence like scientists have said, eh?