Consumers buy HDTVs but don't know what they are

I saw some ‘no glasses’ 3d displays at e3 one year by someone (philips?) they REALLY hurt my head to look at, but they did work.

I bought a big screen TV a few years back and had no idea it was actually HD. I didn’t care until I got my Xbox360 and then noticed there was a little “HD” on the front panel. I checked the back panel and, holy shit, HD hook ups! Score.

This is why I try hard to learn all the HDTV and electronics terminology and to stay current on industry drama to avoid ever looking like such a fool.

I think its a bit funny people will drop $1200 on a tv without reading up on the tech for 20 minutes first. It ISNT all that complex, it’s more complex than it should be, but really, it’s 5 resolutions, 3-4 different connectors and a 3 disc formats to worry about, thats all.

I stopped being surprised at the stupidity of the man on the street a long ass time ago. People are dumb, story at 11, etc.

It definitely is a failure of the industry (both manufacturing and retail) to educate people as there is way too much conflicting and confusing information flying around. My Brother has a set that he’s owned for years, but it still supports 480p over component. I was visiting, noticed it and set it up for him. I believe his first words were, “holy shit.”

I do that too, and TNT REALLY annoys me for the same reasons. It’s especially evident on the sides, where you can see the stretching…it’s also quite distracting.

My parents keep buying my kids the Full Screen version of movies because “otherwise there are these black bars that make the picture smaller”.


If I spend over $200 on anything, I know exactly what I’m getting before I buy it. It amazes me that people will drop $1000+ on a tv without actually knowing why.

My brother in law does this and it makes me want to strangle him. I’m not really sure why, but it just gets under my skin. It’s the whole self-imposed ignorance thing, I guess.

I just went to a fairly fancy hotel where all the TV’s were wide screen, but they only offered 4:3 content through their idiot cable/pay-per-view box, and the TV’s WERE LOCKED IN STRETCH MODE.

Stupidest thing I ever saw. They paid extra money for TV’s and locked them in a mode specifically to degrade the content they have available. My wife was livid because there was a basketball game she wanted to watch and she can’t stand stretched mode. We called the front desk to complain but they said they had no way to unlock the aspect ratios.

Yikes that scary. My Aquos has a very nice Smart Strech mode which does streching in very subtle areas in order to fill the screen. It works well enough that I could leave it at that setting for both 4:3 and 16:9 sources. Not that I would though.

Who the F cares if there are a couple of black bars, jeez. I just don’t get it. I’ve always gotten the widescreen DVD if possible. Hello, I want to see the whole movie, not some pan and scan crap.


I’ve got a Sony Bravia TV that has a “Wide Zoom” mode that’s not utterly terrible for filling the screen. I’ve found that it doesn’t bother me too much while playing certain games. Zelda: Wind Waker, for instance, given its art style. I still don’t feel quite right when I’m using it, though.

I used the wide zoom on my TV to make the Gamecube RE4 fill the screen, since it was cropped to 16x9 in a 4x3 box.

I can’t blame people for buying a shiny new TV and not finding the HD content. The sad truth of the world is: there is no “HD” content that is really worth the complexity and cost of obtaining it. Broadcast HD television is a train wreck of epic proportions, and the only really usable solution (Tivo 3) costs $700 on top of whatever you just paid for the TV.

No thanks.

I’ll watch DVDs and plsy video games while they fix things.

What exactly are you talking about? Not every show on an “HD” channel is in HD, but the ones that are work fine.

i just had to quote that to look at it again.

are you on drugs? the vast majority of primetime television is in hd, all the morning shows are, the nightly news shows are moving to hd.

sports is almost all in HD. where is the train wreck?

Discovery HD, particularly Planet Earth, will make anyone a believer.