Consumers Tired of Sequels 2

I apologize. I couldn’t resist.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


They really didn’t add anything new from last year’s version, which is disappointing. It does appear to remarkably bug free.

I’m waiting for CToS3, where they’re supposed to add online multiplayer.

This sequel should have been an expansion pack.

It lacks the movie references that made the original so enjoyable.

I can’t believe I read it again

Bleh, a new topic just for a roster update?

Even the art is the same.

The first one just felt better.

It gets better every time I click it!


I’m waiting for “Consumers Tired of Sequels 3: The Search for More of the Same”.

I’ve seen this meta before in another thread.

[that works on a lot of levels. trust me]

I don’t mind sequels when they’re done well, but this one just feels like it was mailed in.

I completely disagree. They upgraded the combos, fixed the graphics (less popup!), and reduced the load times. What’s not to like?

I just pirated the thread this time around. It’s not worth paying for.

I think the biggest mistake was handing off the sequel to a new developer. I don’t think they really understood what made the original so good.

After some more time with this thread, I have to say it’s really got its problems. For one thing, it seems like some gameplay has actually been taken out. Content is definitely missing. And I have to wonder if that’s because it was rushed for a Thanksgiving release.

The release has been plagued by logistical problems – the official boards are full of people complaining that it’s impossible to find copies of the thread in Wal-Mart. This – combined with reported technical issues – is having an obvious effect on multiplayer, as anyone with the thread can see when they log on. There are barely any players in the thread – the previous thread is still seeing higher numbers.

Only the most die-hard fan of the genre will enjoy this thread. Ultimately this thread is a poor offering from a developer who has done better but was never really that good to begin with. There are a lot of other great threads coming out for Thanksgiving and it would be a shame to waste your time with this one.


This seems more evolutionary rather than revolutionary this time around…

I notice they nerfed quoting this time. I’m very upset that I’ve spent all this time building up my character’s word count by quoting, just to have it be screwed by this new version. I’m going to quit and go play in some other thread!

I predicted in my blog six months ago they would nerf quoting.