Contact Atlus to thank them

Gouichi Suda’s newest game, Contact, for the DS is getting translated by Atlus.

Contact is a weird hybrid RPG with three points of view. I can’t remember all the story details, but it concerns a main character named Cherry who works together with a scientist to accomplish some goal about recovering a planet (I briefly skimmed a synopsis in a magazine).

The scientist and what he is doing in the lab is shown on the top screen and Cherry’s adventures on the bottom. BTW, the graphics style between the two is completely different.

The third point of view is that of a cat that you take control of when Cherry goes to sleep and who changes as he interacts with things.

Much of the Cherry’s abilities are accessed through seals that change the game world around him. I’d talk about this more if I knew exactly how they worked, but it seems like each seal does terminably weird things that can only be solved through discovery in the main game.

Cherry can also change his range of skills and abilities by changing (wait for it!) into one of seven costumes (surprise!). This affects his mountain of skills (the character has a bunch of un-RPG like skills in his stats menu, as of yet, we don’t know what for). As far as I know, this seems like one RPG where combat isn’t as emphasized as interacting with other things.

So let’s wrap this up shall we? We have a game that uses odd art direction and mechanics that no one completely understands and this game has a vague plot that centers around nobody knows what? Remind you of something?


I’m not quite sure?

What is Kitsune’s life in Japan?

This is great news! For those of you who can’t figure what Kitsune is getting at, Gouichi Suda is the dude responsible for one of my favorite-games-that-I-probably-wouldn’t-recommend-to-many-people, Killer 7.

I (heart) Atlus!


Oh yeah I forgot.

Contact’s plot somehow involves space terrorists.

And its also online somehow.

That’s it for now, I’ll bump this up if there is new info or when I get the game.

Unfortunately I’m going to have to win Final Fantasy XII pretty quickly (16th of March) because as of right now Contact is scheduled for release on the 30th. Its supposed to be a summer release in the States.


Given the weirdness of the rest of your description, I thought for a second that the “seals” you were talking about were of the aquatic, rather than symbolic, kind.

And that seemed to make perfect sense to me, in context.

Are the basic mechanics like an action-rpg or what? I’m having a lot of trouble grokking what this game is about.

I’ll thank them when I get some official portable SMT games.

“Cherry” is a dude?


Is it true that his studio is also doing Samurai Champloo for the Ps2? I just read on 1up yesterday about Atlus bringing another SMT game over, forget the name but it’s another spin off I think.

Some screenshots.

ok, that looks friggin sweet. I’ll go thank them now.

Holy shit, Super Robot Wars Original Generation’s being ported to the US!? Wow…the end of the world is coming, I just know it!

…then again, OG is probably most logical of all the sub-series to bring over since none of the robots/story is based on any actual anime series.


Well, they might be stickers, I just translated it as seals because I thought it fit better.

And it wouldn’t be a Gouichi Suda game if you weren’t having trouble grokking it! I don’t know that much more than you do. :)


Would ‘sigil’ be better?

Looks like there are enough weird games coming that I need to get a DS now :/

Yes. I heard it from insert-credit, and there’s an English page to his studio website.