Contacting games companies for help... FUTILE!

Why is this so difficult? I just got invited by a friend to try city of heroes. can I do it? Can I fuck.
I’ve tried 3 different accounts, and in every case all i get is “your login has failed, the system might be down for maintenance, check the downtime schedule.”
You mean you don’t know?
And where is the schedule? am I supposed to guess?
I am a potential new customer, with money to spend, keen to try your product…
“you might need to contact support”
really? How?
Would it kill developers to actually have a flipping email address? I have a form on my site that emails me directly, you can email me with any question whatsoever, even dopey ones I answer every day. I don’t mind, I’d rather send a copy and paste reply than just have a customer get no response at all. I just do not understand how some publishers think that they are doing a good job when they make it difficult for their customers, and potential customers to get help.
What companies do this really well? except indie ones. We all know sony don’t give a toss if you try and contact them, but who are the good guys?

For the error, it sounds like a connection problem and since the client can’t connect, no it doesn’t know if the server is down for maintenance or not. Are you running a firewall or blocking ports?

I haven’t go that far, im at their web page trying to sign up for an account, haven’t even got to download a client yet!

Yeah well, that’s why I’m getting the Elite sub for Hellgate: London when it comes out! Tech support 24/7, aw yeah!

Because it’s PlayNC, one of the worst client/account management system/website there is.

L33t. they just lost a customer. Crap account management FTW.

Yep, was going to try CoV today, however I can’t log into the playNC site and their password recovery never seems to work. I get 15 emails saying someone is trying to recover it but not a single one with my password or a password reset :|.

their reply…

Assistance Request Denied
It is necessary to have a support account to request personal
assistance from the PlayNC Support Team. Please visit and click the Create a New
Account button to create an account, and then resubmit your question.

That’s just beyond fucked up in terms of customer service. “you are not yet a customer so go screw yourself buddy”. And it sounds like it’s not just me. I thoroughly hope these idiots go out of business.
Anyone recommend a decent MMO that isn’t run by these idiots, and that isn’t Eve or SWG?

update ->

That last useless email came from a ‘no-reply’ address. so when I replied to tell them how futile their registration process was, I got a reply telling me they wont even be reading it.
If anyone has shares in this company, SELL!

And wait until you launch the game (if you ever succeed). Things would be way too simple if it accepted the login and password you used to create your account, no, you have to create different ones for each game.

That’s a good thing, it tries to make you have a different account management password than you gaming account info so if you get nabbed by a password hack you don’t lose everything.

While I haven’t tried doing anything with NCSoft in quite awhile, I never had any sort of problem signing up or getting my password reset when I forgot it. Wonder if someone screwed the pooch and changed things after I left. :(

I’ve personally had no problems with PlayNC either, but I can see how their account management pages could be more usable.

However, compared to PlayOnline (the front-end system for Final Fantasy XI), PlayNC is a bastion of usability and joy.

Better then Bethesda which didn’t even bother to answer to my question if I could play an UK english “Shivering Isles” with a US english “Oblivion Collector’s Edition”.

I did import the US “Shivering Isles” for quite some money and I will certainly keep that customer support in mind when I read “Bethesda Softworks” at a game cover.