I got contact lenses. They are pretty neat, though putting them in is something I’m still practicing.

Does anyone have any generic tips for being a contact lense wearer?

Be wary of riding in convertibles at freeway speeds with the top down.

Are they daily wear? If so: don’t fall asleep with them in.

When you do fall asleep with them in–everyone must at least once–do not panic when you wake. Simply be prepared for a long and somewhat tedious time constantly pouring saline solution into your eyes till they absorb enough to let loose again.

Don’t go swimming with them in.

Also, for me, I prefer daily wear, and try not to keep them in longer than ~12 hours.

Otherwise, they’re groovy, but a bit of a pain. I wear my glasses somewhat more often than I wear my contacts.

Differs a lot based on the person. I always feel like I’m under some sort of allergy or another. So even though I have daily wear, I have to take them out when I get home from work or they just start to bother me too much. Other people here at work sleep with them in and basically don’t change them for weeks.

From memory, there is an initial “phase” that you have to tough through a bit (where it always feels like there is sand in your eyes, and if something does get into your eyes, it drives you even more nuts than normal), but after that, if your eyes start to get tired and feel irritated, I say take them out.

It’s much cooler to feel that wierd “my eyeball is coming with the contact” feeling when you take them out dry.

Don’t be stingy with replacements if they start to be even slightly uncomfortable. A scratched cornea means glasses for 2 weeks.

If they’re uncomfortable, even from the get-go, go see a different eye doc. I and most people I know that use them had no real discomfort whatsoever. The hardest thing to get used to is being able to see without the stuff on the periphery and sometimes weird light-bending and glare that you just get accustomed to after years of wearing glasses. It sounds weird, but it does take a while to adjust, and it seems a bit ummm, I dunno, odd at first.

Don’t worry too much about overuse; I wear mine from about 7a.m. until about 11 or 11:30 at night daily, and have been doing so for almost 20 years. No adverse effects whatsoever. Just keep 'em clean and don’t reuse your storage solution.

Also: don’t buy them from your optometrist, unless you really like the guy or gal. 1-800-CONTACTS will sell you about a million pairs for like $80. All they need is your prescription.

Thanks for the advice folks!

I’ve got them in and honestly other than, you know, being able to see I couldn’t tell they’re there. I do get a wierd blurring at the very periphery of my vision - I presume that’s from the actual edge of the lense obscuring stuff.

Putting them in wasn’t too bad; I didn’t bother with the coaching at the optometrist because work is just too busy. My right eye took maybe a half dozen attempt to get in, then I took it out (to be sure) and put it back in again on the second try. The left eye took a lot more doing for some reason; the lense just didn’t want to stick to my eye.


AAAAAAAARGH even reading this thread made my eyes water. My team lead just asked me if I was sick or crying.

After years and years of contact use, I can touch my bare eyeball, no problem. I can even touch it and move it around with my finger, or rub my eye juice with the tip of my finger without too much weirdness.

Putting them in just becomes second nature in a short while. I remember the first weeks were awkward though.

If you can wear them, go for dailys. Because i only wear them 5 times a week I have tons of spares, they are useful to carry round in case you need to change in the day too. I can blink and pop them out occasionally so has proved very useful to have some on me.

Monthlys/3 monthlys gave me loads of hassle. Forgetting to neutralise the overnight solution wasnt fun.

I’ve been wearing contacts since I was 12. Every brand is different in how comfortable you find them, how much oxygen the let through to the cornea, etc.

I’ve found the combination cleaning / storage solution to be the most comfortable to me. Even more than saline. I buy the drugstore brand.

I have dailies now, but being the cheapskate that I am, I wear them for 2 days. They are damn uncomfortable compared to my old monthlies. God, how I miss them. :( But the second day is only slightly less comfortable than the first. How I relish getting home from work on the second day and throwing them down the drain.

B & L , in the case Roberts v. Bausch and Lomb, Inc., admitted that they were packing the exact same lens into differnt cases and selling them as “Dailies” versus “Monthlies”. It’s commonly accepted that there is no appreciable difference between the disposable lenses. The difference is in the manufacturer (different thicknesses, etc.).

I’ve worn weekly disposables for upwards of 6 months with no ill effects. I take them out every night, though.

All in all, it’s about wearing what’s comfortable for you.

Says the guy who pokes himself in the eye. grin

But he’s absolutely right. Total placebo effect that makes people throw them away. 6 months is stretching it, but with proper care I can see it. With terrible care(sometimes sleeping with them on, never using eyedrops or anything, reusing cleaner, etc.) I was consistently able to get 8+ weeks out of 2 week contacts, and I have terribly sensitive eyes(it took me forever to learn how to put contacts in).

Putting a fresh pair of sterile lenses in each time i put them in is worth for me just for health reasons. All sorts of nasty stuff in tapwater these days, and im not happy using an all in one solutions. Ive had sore eyes and other probs from them. Main reason i forked out extra for dailys.

Anyone use ReNu? It’s being withdrawn

Yeah, my eyedoc gave me a sample of that to try when I kept complaining how uncomfortable my dailies were. That ReNu shit just made it worse, though.

I can do ReNu for a couple months, tops. After that, my eyes itch something terrible and I walk around looking like I’ve got the worst dual case of pinkeye ever. As soon as I switch back to CibaVision, it clears right up.

I don’t know if it’s dumb or smart, or just that my eyes are as calloused as the soles of a kid’s feet from the south with his fishing pole over his shoulder, but I just buy the cheapest stuff out there. Usually CVS brand, or Target brand, or whatever.