Content Warning - film a horror movie together

This seems to be the latest viral sensation.

You spawn in a sort of children’s TV version of a house, surrounded by blue sky and sun and green grass. You’re with three other people - friends, or, in my case, total strangers - and you have a single mission: Film something scary. To do this, you grab a bunch of flashlights and someone grabs a video camera, and then you beat it into the garden where there’s a huge black diving bell.

Worth following the link to read his description of his 2 attempts.

And then:

That’s it, actually: through the congregation of four strangers, the need to make a video together, the ludicrous horrors in the dark, the silly little extras you can buy, the utter unseriousness of your mission, there’s something really charming here, something that generates a feeling, amongst strangers, that they are briefly not strangers at all. You’re not looting something, you’re making something - and that is very, very different for the vibe of a game, I think. It’s wholesome - one of those buzzing words in the ether these days that I feel like should annoy me, because it gets applied to anything with pixelated witches and spells and recipes and frogs while being maddeningly imprecise. But this was genuinely wholesome!

This looks and sounds great, from a Lethal Company enjoyer.

Is impossible not to compare with Lethal Company, …

  • CW invite the player to do roleplay (a youtuber), and that is great
  • CW visibility is much better, so scenarios are huge and that make the stamina more a issue. Ouch
  • CW tone swap from candy crush to limbo quickly. And that is… I don’t know. Good I guess
  • CW has the avatar thing that is a great idea and hilarious, but I hope they ban some words or let me thrown buckets of paint at people faces

Overal I think LC is still the better game, but you never know, maybe somebody can like CW more than LC.