Continuing Education and You

I’ve been taking Continuing Education classes at CU to get a Certificate of Programming in C++. If they don’t cancel my last class for the third time this year, I’ll be finishing in October.

Fortunately my company has footed the bill for these classes, and has been very encouraging of me. This seems to be a bit of a rarity in this economy. My class sizes have gone from fairly crowded (about 20 people) down to barely anyone (4 people). In one of my classes, out of a group of four people from the same company, three had been laid off by the end of the eight week class. In another class, a guy was working for a company that was merged into a bigger company. The bigger company only allowed employees to take classes from their training department, so he’s not finishing the program at CU now.

I am now trying to decide what to study next. I figure if the company is going to pay for me to learn things, I should take full advantage of it. I am thinking about going for an MBA, but I’m not sure that is really the way I want to take my career. I seem to be an oddity in our company though. I only know of about 3 other people, out of about 40, that are doing any kind of classes.

So what do the rest of you do about continuing education? Does your company allow you to do outside training, or are you stuck with what they give you (meaning Do they avoid training you to go to another company?)? If you are unemployed, are you trying to learn new things to expand your job possibilities? And for the freelancers/self-employed, do you do any educational activities to try to expand your business opportunities, or is there too much to do with just your regular work load?

Also if any of you have MBAs, I’d be interested to hear about your MBA experiences in class and in the real world.

I’m sure getting an MBA would be helpful if you want to move into management or further up the management ladder if you’re already there.

There’s no way the continuing ed can hurt you. It can only help. If you don’t mind giving up your free time, continue to take classes.

Oh I’m definitely going to continue taking classes. I’m just not sure the MBA is the path I want to do. Management looks like it sucks occasionally. On the other hand, it would certainly allow me to continue advancing without actually having to know anything :)

Keep in mind that an MBA has lost much of its value these days, since MBAs are a dime a dozen.

I’m poor and lazy so I’m working towards my B.Comm through Ryerson University’s Continuing Education part-time degree program. At this rate I’ll have my degree in about 2-3 years, and this is my third year in the program. The good part is that I can (and do once in awhile) take day classes, and I get a discount on all my classes, so my tuition is almost half that of a full time student’s.

They’re more valuable once you’re in a company though. It will help you get a promotion.

Nife, if you want to make money, get into management.

Since my day job is not network administration, I debated whether spending the time and money to get network certifications would pay off. When I got the chance to take them without paying any money, I jumped on it. It ended up working out very well because I think having the certification really helped me land my last job.

They’re more valuable once you’re in a company though. It will help you get a promotion.

Nife, if you want to make money, get into management.[/quote]

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