Contract JACK -- not so good?


I'm sure suits were involved.

"Boys buy games, and they don't want to play a girl. And look at what sells -- they don't want humor or stealth, they just want to shoot stuff. Make us a MAINSTREAM game."


I can't honestly bring myself to believe that the main character being female was the reason for this travesty of a game. I just can't. Better to nuke everything from orbit than to believe that people can be so pathetically superficial.


Those suits were worn by Monolith employees.


When I was at Monolith, they were honestly excited about the title, and really felt they were headed down the right track with the game.

Sad, because this approach isn't gonna sell to the teenaged boys, either, who want "realistic tactical special forces action" or, at the very least, some theme so deadly serious (like WW2) that they can pretend the games they play aren't geeky.

Do you think having a (much) wider range of enemy types and boss encounters might've made this game better, ala Serious Sam?


Well... I'm just not sure how they felt that killing 30 of the exact same guy in a row was going to be fun. Seeing enemies that look the same can work if used lightly... but when you are killing ten at a time as they file through the door (clipping with eachother the whole time), it breaks any kind of immersion the game might have been able to achieve otherwise.


I just said suits, never claimed they were being worn by anyone outside of Monolith. :)

Even if it was the dev team's design decision, it still strikes me as an attempt to create more "typical" subject matter in an effort to get better sales, after the undeserved lackluster response to the NOLF titles.


Well, I think people just assume that they're being worn by people outside Monolith. I mean, Hall would need at least two suits, and those would just be to wrap around his incredible biceps.

[size=1](Just kidding, Jason. Please don't break me over your knee)[/size]


Max Payne 2 was about 30 hours for me.

Call of Duty, now, was about 6.


Were you playing using Dragon Naturally Speaking for the controls? It took me six hours.


I honestly don't think it's the track they were headed down, but how they went there.

The general idea is fine. It's not like making a balls-out action game in the NOLF universe with a gruff lead guy is a bad idea. The problem is that making a bunch of boring obstacle courses in which wave after wave of enemies burst through doors and get mowed down by you isn't exciting action. In order to make the action exciting, they would have had to seriously change the enemy AI, mix up the types of enemies more, have a lot more set-pieces (the tornado level in NOLF2 is the kind of thing that would fit great in JACK), and make JACK's personality come through more while you were playing. Perhaps through the occasional quip or hand gestures or something.

Contract JACK is a game that could have really benefitted from some real focus testing.


I agree, and I'd bet Monolith knows it, too. My guess is that this was simply too ambitious a plan for this expansion pack, especially if they had to meet a 2003 deadline, and so they had to keep things simpler.

Which, in the end, is a bummer, because I also agree that there's a great full-on shooter to be made in that universe.


Sounds like a fair evaluation, Jason. Well, I'll pass on it: sorry, Monolith, I'd love to support the franchise, but JACK sounds misguided all around.

Dominions 2, here I come.


How'd you know that one?

I kept dying, and wound up quicksaving and reloading just about every 5 minutes.


@Bernie_Dy insprired me to read through this thread. Fascinating.


Man, you guys should bump more threads, these things are like time capsules! Contract Jack? Dungeon Siege? Tron 2.0? I haven’t thought about these games in at least a decade I bet.


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