CONTROL - (Remedy Entertainment and 505 Games)

Coming out later this summer, comments from people who saw it at E3 this year seemed very positive.

@Rock8man feel free to copy over comments / links from the E3 thread.

I enjoyed the Alan Wake games back in the day, but haven’t had time to play Quantum Break yet. I will eventually pick this up next year.

Yeah I’ve been meaning to play Quantum Break, I know the two games aren’t related but I feel like I should probably knock that game out first.

A stylised office building must be about absolute bottom of places I want to spend my virtual time.

The game was playable for press at E3, so you’ll mostly see impressions from media and influencers.

Here’s some:

Here’s some new previews from E3, hopefully from outlets everyone can recognize:

The buzz on this one is really awesome. Every article I’ve read about it since E3 makes it sound more and more like something I must play.

I doesn’t hurt that I think Remedy and their brand of weird is awesome and worth supporting.

New trailer:

And here’s the launch trailer. The game is coming out next week.

Woah, I had no idea.

I’m so on the fence. I mean, I love Remedy. Max Payne 2 is in my top 5 games ever, and I really liked what they did in Alan Wake. Control seems very interesting, and if it’s as good in gameplay and story as Max Payne 2, well, I’m in. But I don’t know if it is and I’d rather have some reviews before I buy to make sure it’s the kind of game I’d enjoy.

And yet, it’s the kind of game that’s best savoured on launch (to avoid spoilers and such).

Decisions, decisions…

Every single preview has been very positive. So far, the game is looking like it’s going to be great.

Well, I don’t trust previews, alas. They always tend to focus on the positive and they’re usually not as descriptive as I’d like (as to not spoil too much), so I’m left without the info I’d require to make any proper judgement that doesn’t rely on hype.

That said, I haven’t read most of the previews, only a couple of them. Maybe I’ll find what I need to know in one or more of the others. I’ll check them, I suppose.

There’ll be reviews when it launches.Just wait. It’s not like you’ll be delayed by more than an hour or two.

I’d actually be delayed for days because of the way I would pay for it. But maybe I’ll do just that. Does anyone know when the review embargo lifts?

Review embargo lifts on 26th, next Monday.

Did you play Quantum Break?

I didn’t…

Awesome trailer, I am still trying to find time to play Quantum Break. :)

Oh man, I forgot about Quantum Break, and I think it’s on Game Pass! Is it any good?