CONTROL - (Remedy Entertainment and 505 Games)

I’d actually be delayed for days because of the way I would pay for it. But maybe I’ll do just that. Does anyone know when the review embargo lifts?

Review embargo lifts on 26th, next Monday.

Did you play Quantum Break?

I didn’t…

Awesome trailer, I am still trying to find time to play Quantum Break. :)

Oh man, I forgot about Quantum Break, and I think it’s on Game Pass! Is it any good?

I would say yes, but people’s taste vary.


For some reason I had it in my head that it was like an FMV adventure game, but the trailer looks way more actiony. Guess I should take a look.

This video walks through the key elements of the game. But yes, it’s an action game with a metroidvania -type world, with side missions and exploration.

I played the first two or three hours. So far I was loving it. It tells a very compelling story, and I really want to know what happens next. I just had to shelve it at the time because of other stuff. But I’ll definitely get back to it.

If you have it on GamePass does it force the inferior, slower Windows Store DX12 version? The Steam one runs better with DX11.

Looks like it’s just the Xbox version on Game Pass. Which is fine for me, that’s the version I would be playing.

Although now that I look at it, I appear to own this on Steam somehow. Huh.

Apparently been released to some streamers for the pre-release marketing push. Haven’t seen too much of this before, from my reference point it seems seems to pull quite some influence from SCP

The review embargo has been lifted. Opencritic seems to settle at 85.

Resisting Control’s lure is proving difficult at this point. Sigh.

Quantum Break was in humble.
It is a great game. It might even be my favourite from Remedy. Max Payne is a classic, but the story of QB is just awesome. One of the best, most consistent time travel stories. I intend to replay it.
Also looking forward to Control in a year, once all DLCs are out and it is on GOG or Steam. Remedy hasn’t let me down yet.

Yeah, I might do just that. I hope I can avoid spoilers until then.

Only skimmed the Eurogamer review. Any reviews mention any performance issues on consoles?

Yup, many do, particularly on the non-Pro PS4.

Hmmm. I have a year old gaming laptop, and a PS4 Pro. The laptop can max out Destiny 2 and outperform the console there, but there’s no guarantee it will perform better across the board with current gen console games.

Maybe I’d better wait for a detailed digital foundry breakdown.