CONTROL - (Remedy Entertainment and 505 Games)

Coming out later this summer, comments from people who saw it at E3 this year seemed very positive.

@Rock8man feel free to copy over comments / links from the E3 thread.

I enjoyed the Alan Wake games back in the day, but haven’t had time to play Quantum Break yet. I will eventually pick this up next year.

Yeah I’ve been meaning to play Quantum Break, I know the two games aren’t related but I feel like I should probably knock that game out first.

A stylised office building must be about absolute bottom of places I want to spend my virtual time.

The game was playable for press at E3, so you’ll mostly see impressions from media and influencers.

Here’s some:

Here’s some new previews from E3, hopefully from outlets everyone can recognize:

The buzz on this one is really awesome. Every article I’ve read about it since E3 makes it sound more and more like something I must play.

I doesn’t hurt that I think Remedy and their brand of weird is awesome and worth supporting.