Controller or KB/M?

In the NMS thread there is some discussion of the preference for one or the other. I am on the side of, just can’t get into the controller. It’s just not in my DNA. All thumbs. It’s been this way going back to the NES. So lets make this not so much if you like one or the other and more of can you use one or the other? If that makes sense.

  • Controller for lyfe. You old folks suck.
  • Controllers, good God yall, what are they good for?
  • Shirt bonanza

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I’m an old folk. I used to be all about the mouse and keys but these days I prefer relaxing with the controller whenever possible instead. Possibly because I changed from left to right hand mouse use a while back so am no longer quite as dexterous there as I once was. :)

Controllers for platformers and shmups. KB/Mouse for everything else.

100% depends on the game.

NMS is one of the few games where I use a controller. Most games I used kb/mouse though.

They both have use cases. KB/M is my default for most stuff, but gamepads are good for fighting games, platformers, driving, certain types of third-person action (e.g. Assassin’s Creed), and probably other stuff I’m forgetting. Now, asking me to do fuckin’ anything at all in first person with a gamepad, or aim without lockon? that shit is crazytalk.


Platformers and 3rd-person action? Probably a controller.

First-person? KB&M.

I only use a gamepad on console ports that are obviously best played with a gamepad.

It depends on the game, and nowadays I mostly play gamepad games for various reasons.

Since I only play on the PC, I use kb/m exclusively, no matter the game. If I can’t play it with a kb/m, I don’t play it. Fortunately, most PC games these days provide decent support for either preference.

Back in '09, I bought a Playstation 3 to experience some of the exclusives that platform offered. I tried and tried. For 45 hours (according to the clock on the PS3) I tried with various different games, but just could not get my brain re-wired enough. I got to the point where I could make progress in a game, but those controls never became second-nature, or anywhere close to it. I longed for kb/m support for the PS3.

Now my hardly-used PS3 sits under a stack of shirts on top of the dresser in the bedroom.

This is the correct answer.

One-button joystick for me.

So you say. Yet the poll sees all and tells all. :)

My preference is completely game based.

Recettear, Stardew Valley, Overcooked, Controller.

Almost all other games, KB/M

Polls schmolls.

The only thing I can play with a controller is a JRPG.

Everything is mouse and keyboard

I used the controller for racing games.

… that’s it.

I have to use controllers because of the excruciating wrist pains caused by KBM. Thank god for gamepads.

Depends on the game. I prefer my full metal HOTAS (DCS) but it has a hefty spring so to anything pewpewy (Overload) or needing long deflection without being able to trim for it (No man’s sky, Assassin’s creed) a controller. Shooting (any FPS) and clicking (any RTS or 4X )is best done with a mouse.

Depends entirely on the game. I’m comfortable using either, though have a preference depending on the game genre.