Controllers for kids

I have a 4-player desktop set up for my kids to play with. The problem is that they’re little kids, and keep dropping the controllers. I started out with xbox 360 wired controllers, and after a while their wires went bad. I then replaced them with third party xbox 360 compatibles that had micro-usb connections on the controllers, thinking if the wire goes bad I can change it. But these proved to have bad pots on the sticks and the micro-usb port was a weak point. I started soldering the xbox 360 wired controllers, cutting out the bad part of their wire, but that’s been only somewhat successful. Anyone have good experience with durable PC controllers for kids?

You can get a lower end wired Logitech controller that might fit their hands better.

PowerA used to or perhaps still do a wired 360 controller that is smaller and well suited to smaller hands. I got one for my nephew a while back and it was reasonable, but I have not seen them around locally for a while.

Looks like they are still available.

I could sworn there were big oversized Nerf grips for controllers but I can’t find them for sale any longer.

As another possible answer to my question, I tried this controller. Seems pretty awesome so far!

Curious, what do you mean by four-player desktop setup? Is it hooked to a TV?

No, I don’t have a TV. It’s a mobile computer desk, with a large monitor on top.