Controversial name for next US sub

Great, just great. First they name one after Carter, now princess Di? Makes my blood boil !!
US Department of Defence defends submarine name

Yeah that’s hilarious.

Never had a great deal of time for the publicity seeking harpie, but it is entirely possible that the US has solved the worlds energy crisis by naming a nuclear submarine after her. She must be spinning in her grave so fast we could use her as a turbine.

[edit]Just realised what the date is today

How in the world can you complain about them naming one after Jimmy Carter. The man was an Annapolis graduate and a submariner. He was the only president to ever actually serve on a submarine. In addition to serving on several desiel submarines, he worked under Admiral Rickover in helping to create the United States Navy’s first nuclear powered submarines.

Naming one after Carter is perfectly ok. Princess Di? WTF?

[edit]Just realised what the date is today

Since when has the BBC carried adverts? Take a look at the “See also” section and Top Global Story links.

I’m off to claim my Subsim mug ;)

History’s irrelevant to this kind of thing. National bylaws agree that Carter must receive at least two minutes out of every Five Minutes of Hate; this was agreed upon during a series of heated conventions in 1997 due to parties getting concerned that the Clintons were increasingly monopolozing it.

It was a narrow vote, and those who voted against it have valid arguments about the Five Minutes being better served by arriving at its disposition more organically by prevailing community standards, and that while Carter certainly should be included, it was wrong to mandate a full one hundred twenty seconds to him. It’s one of those things that’ll probably be up for review in another couple years, and Carter may slip down to just one minute.

which is probably why, at some point, bush will have an aircraft carrier named after him.

That won’t surprise me at all when it happens. Has Bush Sr. had a ship named after him yet? If the Navy can hold off on that awhile longer, we could get an entire carrier battle group named after the family by 2040 or so. That’d take a sort of famine now for feast later kind of discipline, you understand.

Bush Sr. is getting one of the last Nimitz carriers named after him. But this makes sense. He was a naval aviator who flew off carriers during WW2.

Shrub on the other hand deserves far, far, far less. Maybe a tender ship.

i can’t wait to drop into internet conversations, “I didn’t mean to say the USS George W. Bush should be hauling garbage…I meant to say it should be hauled away AS garbage!”

If that’s the critera, maybe Bush Jr should get a filing cabinet at the Texas Air National Guard named after him.


Har har.

What’s the date on that story again?

Hey, maybe this is a way to help with the deficit. Let companies get their names on subs, jets, battleships, tanks, etc. the way they do in NASCAR. I can just see the coverage when we invade Iran “Well, Katie, here comes the Target/Victoria’s Secret M1A1 Abrams, and it looks like it’s going to take out that jeep up ahead - boogidie boogidie boogidie! Turn it up!” ;)

I got the stink eye at a lunch recently:

Diner A: I saw Princess Di once.

Diner B: Really? What was she wearing?

Diner Me: A BMW.

(Stony silence)

I guess you guys do not know about the ‘stealth’ dreadnaught under development. Rumor has it, it will be called the “Mother Teresa”

I like the British naming scheme for warships. Stuff like “HMS Invincible” and “HMS Indestructible” carries with it a certain psychopathic self-confidence.

However, I really would love to see a gigantic aircraft carrier bristling with weaponry, a death-dealing floating city of destruction, called “The Ghandi”

Could happen if someone at the general staff had played Civilization a lot…