Controversy at the Oscars Over Black Discrimination

He makes some good points at the beginning. The solution makes sense too.

Can’t wait to hear Chris Rock talk about this on stage.

Man what a weird link to bring this topic up with.

I agree with Enidigm, that’s an odd link to point to for this topic.

Warrior45, are you JeffBigDaddyKnows?

That is a super shitty video that makes light of a real issue. Can’t believe you suggest that his solution “makes sense.”

The OP in this thread has the feel of botness.

I read that “hotness” and thought: “fucking triggercut.”

On the topic of low-view count things on Youtube, this one is my favorite unintentionally funny things ever:

“This shit really pisses me off! No moon mist, no cola. What The Fuck”.

There’s a politics and religion forum for this stuff, use it.

I don’t see this OP being in good faith. I’d rather see it closed or deleted.

The question is if his previous 12 posts were the prelude to this or if this is just another step towards building a believable post history before the spamming really begins.


Having checked his post history, you have a point.

The wonderful thing about vBulletin is that I can make every single one of his posts disappear with a single click. I don’t know why spammers bother when it’s so easy to erase everything they’ve done. I guess they’re counting on forums and comments section that no one maintains?


John Oliver took a good a good jab at this on the most recent Last Week Tonight.

One more thought that came to me. Maybe they should hire more diversified roles so that the nominations will be balanced as well.

I am so intrigued by this obvious bot account. What is the end goal?

This is the first image that comes up in google search for “What’s the endgame?”

To good, except the Emma Stone Aloha thing. The character was described as pretty caucasian in the book(or so I have heard). That’s the exception that proves the rule.