Convert Mac files to PC

I have a bunch of old files on my Mac that I want to copy over to my PC. These include files like:

System 7 Sound files
Text and Picture Clippings
Web locations (.webloc)

When I copy them to the PC, they become zero byte files, presumably because the actual content is stored in a resource fork that Windows wouldn’t understand.

Is there a free utility (Mac or PC) that can convert these files into usable documents for my PC? Mostly I’m concerned with the text and picture clippings. I could convert them manually on my Mac but there’s quite a lot of them.

Also, is there a quick way to delete all the dot files in nested folders once copied to my PC? (._filename and .DS_store)

There’s no easy way to preserve the non-main fork in a way that other OSes can read it. You will have to do your conversion on the Mac beforehand.

I’m not sure it works exactly the same on Windows 7, but on XP I would just perform a Search for Files and Folders. As a search string, enter “.*” (without the quotes). Delete all results after visual inspection.

Aw man, thought you guys were the Mac experts. ;) I tried OS X’s Automator and it doesn’t even know a picture clipping is an image.

Thanks for the tip on getting rid of the dot files.