Converting Audible books to mp3 format

As the title states I’m looking for a .aax to mp3 converter so I can listen to my audible audio books on my car stereo without having to use my phone. Any suggestions? I would prefer free, but one that costs a little would be considered.

What about this?

I tried that, but it wasn’t in english or at least the version I got wasn’t and I couldn’t get it to work.

Here is a video I found that shows how to use it, if that helps with the language barrier:

Thanks for the reply, I did exactly what the video showed and it still doesn’t work. I have tried this on 2 different computers with no luck. I found one for $35 but I’m hesitant to spend that much for converting 4 books and I’m not sure if the site is safe. The demo of that program worked, but it only converted 3 minutes.

Here’s the link: Tuneskit

Does anybody have any experience with this program?

How much time you got? Just use Audacity to record it real-time while the Audible app/iTunes plays the audible files.

I’d be hesitant to pay for any conversion software these days.

Each book is 19 hours long. That’s a long time to record in real time.

Is your car lacking an auxillary or USB port? Seems easier to address it on the car end. A Bluetooth to FM device, highly rated ones, are $9 shipped on Amazon. Get a good quality phone mount and you have it all.

I can hook my phone up to the stereo in my motorhome (mh). It’s just that I’m going to be in an area where phone service won’t be available and I usually just turn my phone off. Plus I don’t use the phone for directions or any other tasks while driving and I have an old cradlepoint router that I hook my phone up to so it can be used as a hotspot for the passengers in the mh. Thanks for the help

Ah, now it makes sense. Could consider an old smartphone if you have one lying around, other than that, sourceforge is all I could Google on the conversion. Aax seems to have decent DRM aimed to prevent what you’re doing.

I can’t check at work, but does Pot Player support .aax? Maybe open them in Pot Player and “save as” to a different file type?

Tried it an it doesn’t work, Thanks for trying.

Maybe what we need is a way to convert .aax to another audio format that is itself easier to conver to mp3 file?

Thanks for trying, it looks like I’ll need to use my phone if I want to listen to any audio books or pay $35 for something I’ll use 4 times. It looks like you and I are coming up with the same lists when we google.

You can download the Audible books so you don’t need a signal, so not sure why it’s such a big deal to plug the phone into the stereo. Others can still use the hotspot capabilities, too, at the same time.

It isn’t a big deal I just didn’t want to be tied down to my phone to listen to the audio books and when using my cradlepoint router it pretty much blocks all features except calls. The router treats the phone as if its a usb modem. I just might use my surface pro 3 instead of the phone since I have a 12 adapter for it.

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i think anything/everything out there would use the analog hole with 1:1 recording instead of any conversion.

I’ve pretty much given up on converting aax to mp3 and I’ve got a lot of devices that I can use as playback. I also discovered that I don’t need to be on the internet to listen to the book, I just need to be on the internet so I can sync all my devices. Thanks for the help everyone and if someone finds a conversion program that actually works I’d still be interested. The main reason I wanted to convert the file was so that I didn’t need to use audible.