Converting video to PSP format?

Looking for a good program to convert video files to PSP format. I tried using SUPER video converter, but the videos play upside down.

xvid4psp is awesome. I’ve never had a problem with it and it has correctly handled everything I’ve thrown at it. Also supports the 3.3 psp update.

Second Xvid4PSP. I tried a number of different solutions prior to this, and only recently got around to completely cleaning my system of all the ridiculous multimedia crap that got installed along with them.

For a combo, to get your DVDs over to your PSP, use DVDDecrypter + Xvid4PSP.

Xvid4PSP as well. I recommend converting to PMP format, then using PMP Player Advance for playback. I’ve never had much luck converting to the “official” full res Sony formats.