Converting Word files to PDF?

I’m am now going to need to be able to do this in the office.

Acrobat seems a bit pricey @ $139.

Are any of the Cheaper/Free programs I get when I Google this reliable, or do I need to bite the bullet?

2010 and newer support it natively.

If you are on an older version of the MS-Office products, or are using other apps with no built-in PDF support, you might consider using CutePDF Writer. I’ve used it and only ever had one document (a MS Project Gantt chart) come out screwed up.

This appears to do it! Thanks.

“printing” or exporting to PDF is free in Office 2010. PrimoPDF is a free printer program. The same makers have “NitroPDF” which I like.

$139? Acrobat Standard is $299 non-upgrade.

Are you doing something book length, with loads of complex formatting, or will it be professionally printed?
If either of those is yes? Buy Acrobat.

Otherwise, use either Word or a PDF printer program of your choice, they’re pretty much all Ghostscript-based. (One or the other usually produces acceptable results)

And Microsoft offer a free add-in for 2007, which I use all the time.

I use this website to convert formats to PDF all the time:

Isn’t the only reason you would want the Adobe Writer is if you need a ‘smart’ PDF with searchable text, chapters, embedded links, etc?

If all you want is a straight dumb PDF, any of the aforementioned ghostscript based free tools are more than adequate. Can vouch for CutePDF - both my current and previous employer use it in their SOE.

Thought I’d throw this in here because I’ve found it insanely helpful on occasion working with PDFs: there’s a free program called pdfsam which stands for “split and merge” that allows you to do a ton of operations on PDFs. It’s free and super simple. Highly recommended.