First off, I’m new here so I suppose a “Hey I’m new here” is in order. I’ve been following the site for some years and lurking on the forum for some months so I thought it was about time I jumped in with something.

The thing I’m jumping in with is Convoy. The game describes itself as “ftl meets mad max” and it seems an apt description. It has a similarly retro style of graphics, a moody soundtrack and revolves around a quest for parts to a broken spaceship on a desert planet. Your convoy is built around a large mcv which you have to protect with all manner of weaponry and smaller support vehicles, while you explore the planet, manage your fuel, deal with random encounters and try to find those all important ship parts. I played the hell out of ftl and now that I’m all ftl’d out, Convoy seems to be just what I’m looking for. After a sucessful kickstarter the game is ready for release on steam in about an hour and I can’t wait.

Here’s a link to a video polygon did on it a month ago, which was where I first heard of it:

Steam page for the game:

Anyone else getting this or maybe played an early build?

Also apologies if there already is a thread for this, but I didn’t find any after a quick search.

Hey Ashen! Glad to see you this side of the front page!

I’ve been playing it off and on for the last week. It’s pretty difficult. I got to the point that I decided to dial the difficulty down from normal to easy, but as near as I can tell, that only changes your starting resources. The game is perfectly willing to hit you with brutal random events like destroying one of your vehicles in a rockslide or letting you just run out of fuel and die. Even in combat if you’re not careful you can lose a vehicle by not paying close enough attention and plowing it into a pylon. But I can respect a punishing rogue-like, so no complaints from me.

And while I get the Mad Max and FTL comparisons, what it reminds me of is Roadwar 2000, which probably won’t mean anything to anyone under 40.


I totally plan on getting this my own self, so thanks for creating the thread!

Hi Ashen, welcome to the forum as a poster!

The game looks pretty great - thanks for the heads up. Now I want autoduel back.

James Allen’s take

Funny thing is I saw where he reviewed it earlier today but I wasn’t particularly interested. After reading this thread I am.

RPS put their take up on it, which was more negative. Sounds pretty frustrating, but worth a shot.

Not sure about the game now I’ve read the reviews. Think I’ll stick with Death Skid Marks.

Oh man. I loved that game. Few experiences were more satisfying than ramming my semi’s at full speed into some small hostile car and obliterating it, but there was a lot of depth to the tactical combat and I completed several playthroughs. If this is similar, I have to take a look.

Eastbound and down, rollin up and truckin? We gonna do what they say can’t be done?

So I’ve been playing for a couple of hours now and it’s really kicking my ass all over the desert. Playing on easy but that doesn’t make those instakilling pylons any softer. It’s still addictive enough that I’ve usually clicked on new game before I have time to get really annoyed about whatever crushing defeat I just experienced. Now I’m trying a new strategy of making sure my cars are evenly upgraded so it hurts less when they inevitably blow up.

It’s somewhat obviously not written by native english speakers, that’s ok but I think the text could be better. Still I’ve had some funny random encounters and it doesn’t seem to take itself very seriously, which is working for me. Some balance tweaks would be appreciated, maybe they could make easy a teensy bit actually easy.

God, I loved Roadwar 2000. I avoided the tactical combat, though, I let everything autoresolve except when I wanted to increase the number of cars in my gang (or whatever it was called). I tried to take over as many cities as I could; I pretended I was setting up my own post-apocalyptic empire.

Wow. That was one of its best features, at least in my mind. But to each their own. At least you had the good taste to love a great game.

I’m 42…bless you for reminding me of one of my favorite games of my youth, and now I know my next purchase.

I played Roadwar 2000 on my C-64. Yes, I’m a bit over 40.

Maybe it’s my faulty memory, but wasn’t Roadwar 2000 turn-based?

Yes it was.

Just got Convoy. It’s both enjoyable and frustrating, but I haven’t played very much yet.

Edit: Definitely a Car Wars feel. Also, cool I got plasma cannon. Shit I hit a pylon.

I played both Car Wars and Roadwar 2000 (Amiga) in my misspent youth, so I definitely pine for cars n’ guns, but I am completely uninterested in Convoy. The FTL formula annoys me more than anything else.

Back then, all games were turn-based. Real time hadn’t been invented yet.


Roadwar 2000 Apple ][e 4lyfe yo.

Man, I just can’t make any progress with this, even on easy. I think I’m doing well, with an extra vehicle, upgraded armor and health, everybody kitted with decent weapons. But then I get into a battle with tier 3 vehicles and my RV’s health just melts away like butter. Game over. I guess I need to grind for a while before trying to progress any of the main quest lines.