Cookie Monster on Martha Stewart

I hate Martha, but this is hilarious.

Awww, why do you hate Martha?

Has the Cookie Monster ever been tested for ADD? He and Martha make quite the odd couple.

Wow, Martha was so uncomfortable in that segment it was palpable. The guy doing Cookie Monster was pretty funny and I think he was messing with Martha.

Martha: Guess how many cookies we’ve made over the years?

Cookie Monster: What?

Martha: One hundred fifty different cookies of the week.

Cookie Monster: Name them all.

Martha: Oh my gosh. Well, they start with–

Cookie Monster: Nevermind! Me no want to hear it!

What was the deal with Martha’s constantly stroaking him? That was kind of creepy.

The Cookie Monster guy noticed, too – “You like touching me, don’t you?” :)

Hilarious and bizarre at the same time. It definitely looked like the muppeteer in charge of Cookie Monster was trying to be as disruptive as possible. And yeah, I noticed how creepy Martha was with all that stroking.

Never has TomChick wanted to be cookie monster so bad. :)

oh my god, it’s like the guy who plays the cookie monster has been playing the cookie monster for a decade or two longer than what is mentally healthy. that was hilarious.

And seriously, did we just not notice it when we were young and stupid, but has cookie monster always been such a fucking jerk?

Part 2!

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OMG! That is classic! I especially love the second part where he goes absolutely nuts and trashes the kitchen!

I almost have to assume that that was planned or expected because I have trouble imagining Martha holding her composure under even those circumstances.

I love where he promises to get her a date with Bert (Mr Excitement)… :)

It doesn’t look that way to me. I’m sure there was some outline of what was going to happen, but it seems to me that Martha appeared to be surprised and a little uncomfortable with what happened. As for keeping her composure, you can manage with practice.

If so, I really have to admire her ability to remain composed while the camera was on. I’m sure she unleashed the fucking fury after that, but still.

I would loved to have seen what happened off camera between takes or after the whole thing. Martha has a reputation for going totally bonkers and throwing hissy fits when things don’t go perfectly. I assumed she was a bit of a control freak.

Cookie Monster was good, but I’d love to see Triumph on Martha. Not going to happen, though.

I was watching her show one time and she was making ice cream with some dude and she kept butting in and he was like all… you know you are really rude or something to that effect.

I laughed pretty good at that.

Seriously though if you watch the guests that she has on there they all seem to be walking on egg shells. Its kinda odd.

Triumph? As in Triumph the Ed the Sock Ripoff?

I never understood the fascination with either attempt at lowering the standards of comedy.

Ed the Sock was actually funny during part of its run as a minor little cable access television show (Wayne’s World anybody?). When Eric Tunney hosted the show, he managed to keep the sock well enough in line that the show was fun. Once it made it on to regular TV, it got much less funny.

I dunno if I’d call CityTV “regular” TV :D

Ed’s still awesome in the yearly Fromage worst-of-music-video shows on MuchMusic, though. Those are absolutely hilarious.

I love Triumph, though I’m surprised there was never a lawsuit over the way the concept was ripped off from Ed. Aside from the dog thing, they’re pretty much exactly the same character.

All I have to say is:

Saw them play a week ago. A truly life changing experience.