Cooking games for DS

I haven’t played or tried any of these, ex Cooking Mama and the plethora of other titles for the DS. What I’m wondring is, why are they so popular? Is it just reicpe storage? Or do you practice? Are there actual games in any of them?

I really liked Cooking Mama. I looked (and look) at it as a collection of fun minigames. For me, it was something fun to pick up for 5 to 10 minutes of play. I never attempted to really make any of the recipes in the game nor did I have any interest in doing so. It was just a nice, easy bit of fun fluff.

Yes, Cooking Mama is a minigame collection that has very little to do with actual cooking. This is in sharp contrast to a number of more recent titles like the Jamie Oliver one and Nintendo’s Personal Cooking trainer or whatever it’s called. These are actually about cooking. The Nintendo title has a cool feature where you can tell it what ingredients you have on hand and it will suggest recipes for you. They can also (I think) do things like make shopping lists for you, based on the recipes you want to make.