Cool Kameo video

Started a new thread not to derail the price talk of the 360:

Found a pretty interesting handicam video of the Kameo part of the Xbox 360 presentation from the GC game conference (

Most of the detail and lighting and stuff is trashed due to it being a handicam video, but there’s still some pretty cool stuff in there.

I watched some of it. The guys demoing it are horrible. Having recently played and been thoroughly underwhelmed with Conker, this movie did nothing to restore any interest in games made by Rare. The graphics look fine, but the gameplay looks tired and samey. What’s the point?


Hey, pretty but tired and samey is what this business is all about! Fall in, consumer.

clicks heels



This game looks weak. I’ve lost faith in Rare. Everyone good at that developer jumped ship for Free Radical.

Hehe, I still have my Gamecube box that includes a screenshot of this game.