Cool photos of abandoned sites

I posted this in the Boston thread, but have since decided it needs its own thread. Check out
He has lots of pics of various types of locations, old hospitals, factories etc.
I stumbled on it looking for shots of the Worcester State Hospital, and his pictures do a good job of conveying how cool/creepy it is.

Holy moley, that place is something else. Even the barber chair’s kinda scary.
Formerly Worchester Lunatic Asylum?

That place is the Shalebridge Cradle. Cool site, forge.

I did a little walkabout photo tour of my alma mater this weekend. Turns out that one of the really old buildings was set to be torn down. So now, for your viewing pleasure, a 100 year old hog barn (bottom of this page, top of next page).

Aww I love these. Got any more links handy?

Those galleries are astounding. Thanks!

Oh man those morgue shots are creepy :O

God you can spend hours at that site. Some of those places are nasty as hell, I don’t think I’d want to enter them w/o a hazard suite of some kind.

Poor kitty :{

These places creep me out.

nice link :(

The account is currently not active.

looks like someone hit a transfer cap.

Is it possible for a site to be QT3ed? I mean we aren’t Fark or /.
or even close for that matter, or are we…

A while back when I was planning to do a level for HL2 I was thinking about using an abandoned theme park as a setting. Here is a site I was looking at for ideas

Wow,that looks made for an HL2 mod. But, WTF was the theme of that park? Fish Warehouses of the World?

Love urban exploration.

Try Infiltarion and Urban Exploration Resource.

Not crying wolf this time, I swear :)