Cool Site for some 'old' translated SNES JRPGs

Theres some cool games at this site I found… some SNES rpgs I never heard of but look really original… like Live A Live… some of these JRPGs remind me of how good and original the nineties was for gaming, in general.

Amazing how much games Squaresoft made… more than half there games didn’t even make the states!

Oh yeah… they are roms…


Part of the problem that I have with these is that they never end up working right. I would really love to play like star ocean 1 and stuff but the translations never take or something.

All you have to do is name the patch the same filename as the rom. I got two of these RPGs on the site, one of which I had never even heard of before. This should be awesome. Yes, Star Ocean is also awesome.

Yeah I tried that but I dunno… it might just be the snes emu for the psp not working right.

Yeah there are some really good games on that site.

Oh, I wouldn’t bother trying it on the PSP. I hate how it distorts the aspect. It works on SNES9x perfectly.

Wow. Live a Live looks incredible. I might have to try that one. I tried doing this with Bahamut Lagoon (or whatever it is called) and I couldn’t make it work. I’ll try it again though, since this looks interesting. Nice site, too.

I can vouch for Live a Live. I played through most of it a couple of years ago, and it worked great and was very entertaining.

DeJap has more good translations.


I’ve played it more than any other game on my psp so far, each era is cute and just seeing SD kung fu guys or cavemen always gives me a chuckle.

FEDA is wicked as well if you like Fire Emblem type games.

Haha nice.

I really liked Terranigma and Seiken Densetsu 3 when I played them years ago.

Seiken Densetsu 3 was to Seiken Densetsu 2 as Final Fantasy X-2 was to Final Fantasy X. In other words, it sucked. In my opinion, of course.

Bahamut Lagoon!

Dragon Trainer, insane graphics, strategy role playing, squad based, bonus rounds, exPlay, secret items, secret dragon forms, uuhUuUUUhh.