Coolest Actor!

Ok this actor does NOT have to good at acting. He just has to be cool.

A cool actress that is the best at being tough and cool also fits the bill.

Obviously Steve McQueen is a hard favorite.

Cool not necessarily good. Awesome scenes, classic set pieces, “We deal in lead, friend”

(Travolta in pulp fiction qualifies)

(Robert Shaw in Jaws another good example)

I’m not sure about overall actors or stars that consistently personify cool, but I think Timothy Olyphant’s performance in Justified is the only contemporary character that fits the bill for me.

Claire Foy in First Man was cool as hell imo. “Oh you are all just boys playing with your stupid toys!”

With you on Justified, mate.

Paul Newman. Context irrelevant.

Thread won. It’s over.

Will still mention Kurt Russell , as he always seems cool.


Christopher Walken.

As a kid growing up in the 80s, I thought Amitabh Bachchan was the coolest.

As an adult, who do I think is the coolest? Probably Denzel Washington. I always found him to be really cool.

Yeah Denzil Washington, Clint Eastwood as a Cowboy also.


Denzel in Man on Fire. And Walken in that too!

Raylan’s simply the coolest dude. He’s so damn charming, and the running gag of him trying to dissuade the various baddies from entering a duel with him never gets old.

His charm just confuses them, and it never indeed gets old. Love it.

Isnt this thread about the now, not the has been, used to be cool dudes? Because yeah christopher walken is the very definition, but now hes just old and weird.

Suicide Kings is such an amazing movie.

Counterpoint though:

Ah, but, movies are like time machines. You are transported back in time, to the time where the coolness was at its prime. Eastwood was so very cool. Now he talks to chairs. Brando was cool, and then he made Island of Doctor Moreau. So cool now or cool then, still cool.

Brian, I haven’t seen PIB. So I guess I should.

Ron Perlman

Vic Tenneta!