Coolest Pic Ever

Think you’re hardcore? Check out this friggin awesome comic and see how many of the references you can name. Obviously made by some insanely talented gamer, it’s like reading those little side panel things they did in Mad magazine.

Damn fun but NSFW in parts, and since it’s russian some jokes may be missed. If you get stumped you can look down in the comments for a mostly complete spoiler.

And thus were spawned the forum profile pics for the next six months or so.

Why are Rincewind and Luggage there? Does anyone even remember that game? How many gamers even know of that game?

If qt3 supported sigs, that entire thing would be mine. And I’d post broken links all day long. God, the Internet is great.

I remember it! :D

I just remember screaming “HOW THE FUCK DO I GET OUT OF THIS ROOM!?” and then realizing the game was crashing when it loaded up.

I wouldn’t call it the coolest pic ever (not in the same week that the Alabama kid bagged that 1000 lb. hog), but that was a lot of fun to go through. Thanks for the link.

I’m glad the artist included stuff that, presumably, appealed to him, rather than drawing some Special Anniversary Issue-ish opus starring Mario and Sonic. How often do you get to see a cartoon version of the Carmageddon guy, not to mention all those references to mid-90s adventure gaming? (Oh, and well done, Larry.)

Yea, but Carmageddon was awesome. Best wrst driving controls EVAR. There was a fucking tire-spin button!

From the wackiest floaty physics grow mighty driving sims like Richard Burns Rally. I couldn’t believe the same guys were responsible.

Don’t get me wrong, though, as I loved Carmy II to pieces. But it would’ve been a lot easier finishing that game if the controls and driving model had been tightened up. Thinking back, I think the aircraft carrier level (“KILL THE EVIL ZOMBIE ADMIRAL”) was one of the hardest things I’d done gaming-wise since the final few missions of X-Wing.

Love that Might and Magic reference near the bottom… four heads on one fantasy warrior body. :)

Best. “Aeris doesn’t die!” Scenario. Evar.

Also, Painkiller! They must’ve done it for Tom!

Personal favourite is the sandworm versus Earth worm Jim.

Though having commandos go against snake was kinda cool as well.

Love some of the references - Another World, Full Throttle, Creatures… great effort.

I’m pleased to see so many adventure game references, not just Grim Fandango and Full Throttle, but Legend of Kyrandia? Also, a few of these are going to be driving me nuts the rest of the day…the scythe-wielding demon to Manny’s left, for example. I KNOW I’ve seen that character in an ad or on a box at some point but damned if I can remember where.

Dungeon Keeper.

I want this in English and in huge size so i can ask a buddy to print it and stick it on my wall.


p.s: ZOMG, TEH SPOILERS. ( shows the name of all the characters in the poster). Also, translation of russian text.


[LEFT]I just noticed that Abe is in a Mad Cat. Mechwarrior/Battletech, go go.

Not bad. But they have missed few game references:

Wizardy 7/8 (Dark Savant is waiting in line with other game characters to be admitted)
Digger (WOW!)
Cleve Baker’s Undying (main hero, stands to the right of the Horned Demon from Dungeon Keeper )


Hmmm? Link please. :)