Coolest Pic Ever

And, yeah, as Quatoria says, the Discworld games were great, even if they suffered from impenetrably obscure puzzles.

I’m trying to figure out what else Sam & Max references as it’s two guys in costumes with swords.

Vangers. What a weird game.

The translated dialog names one of them “Petjka”, and there’s a reference to a Russian adventure game of that name here:

…but otherwise my Google skills are blanking on this one.

Discworld Noir, which is on the collage also, isn’t obscure like the previous too… it’s actually rather easy and an excellent detective game. Also “satire” of classic noir films and stories as well. Highly recommended.

(Edit: Following up on my post, not Bob’s.)

And apparently there’s a Russian Civil War hero who “spawned a veritable industry of songs, games, and jokes” and is (at least fictionally) paired with an orderly named Petjka or Petka. So maybe the disguised duo are Chapayev and Petjka… dunno if there is a particular video game that they are representing or if they are just making a cameo.

Yes, but what’s he going to do with a painting of Hitler?

My favorite obscure reference -at the moment- is the Bioforge guy, complete with severed blue arm.

Yes, it’s the Dark savant from Wizardry 8

I haven’t played Undying, but does the severed head with the bloody mouth tie into it? Can’t place that for the life of me.

I don’t see a tie, but it looks like Lizbeth, one of the members of the evil family in that game. Apparently, she’s iconic enough to spawn fan art and, er, cosplay opportunities.

Y’know, I had the same nagging feeling that this was one of those “Eiffel Tower in the palm of my hand!” tricks, but the taxidermist confirmed the weight, and I’ll be damned if I know what a thousand-pound hog is supposed to look like. I guess what I’m trying to say is, “I WANT TO BELIEVE!”

Holy shit! I had no idea wild pig could be that large. It looks very much like a Boar demi-god from Princess Mononoke movie.

Even if photo-trick was used that pig is still 9’'4 in length, according to the article.

The spoiler pic doesn’t list it, but that smiling skull bouncing with all the other disembodied heads has to be Murray, Demonic Skull.

Some of the puzzles were nasty, yeah, but after playing the Gabriel Knight with the put-tape-on-a-fence-to-rip-of-cat-hair-to-make-a-moustache-to-look-like-a-fake-id puzzle, my bar for ‘inpenetrable’ is pretty fucking high.

I’d have pegged it as Morte, from Torment.

Definitely Morte.

Guy commenting at the bottom of the original link says:

Sam and Max do a russian joke that I can not fathom explaining to people who didnt grow up there
So I think you’re right.

He also notes:

Cthulhu is not related to games. It’s an ongoing joke in russian internet subculture. Ctulhu comes and eats you. The sign on his wall says “Yo we’re looking for talent”

and finally:

The flying skull next to Othello is a reference to an old DOS 286 game whose name I can’t recall - had something to do with thunderbolt or gods or something. It was a platform adventure where you had to manipulate traps. The skull is very distinctively styled.

That spoiler pic is also missing Frogger, who just got squashed by the Carmageddon car.

Am I missing something? I can’t find Rincewind, unless you guys are confusing the guy next to Luggage as Rincewind, when in fact that’s Simon the Sorcerer.

Can you get this thing in poster form? I simply MUST have it!

It’s possible I’ve done that. The Rincewind books were fucking awful. Reaper Man and The Hogfather beat the shit out of Rincewind.

I rather like Colour of Magic, though the Vimes books are my favourites :)

Wow, some of this is really really great in how much he fit’s in.

Digger (I echo the wow. It took a second look through to find him!)
John Romero’s head
Rodger Wilco.

Great piece.