Cooling that does not suck?

I’m an utter klutz, so I go through several powersupplies and CPU cooling
solutions per year. The latter is a major problem to me, because it’s
always a large chunk of metal surrounded by parts with few distinguishing
features. This makes it hard for me to place them correctly, even with the
trusty MagLite in mouth (the other three hands are jiggling levers and
latches and whatnot).

Are there any AMD64 (socket 754) CPU coolers, classic style with just a
fan, containing more metal bits? All I ask for is something that doesn’t
break under my bulldozer-like care.

(I’d go for watercooling if I had the money; I have at least one full
computer purchase before there is nothing more I “need”)

You could get yourself a Zalman CNPS-7000B Al-Cu

find it here

You have to install it once “the hard way” = putting the bolts through the mainboard from the backside, but after that its only frontside operation with a screwdriver + 2 bolts.

Wow. Just what I wanted, and one of the brands my regular store likes :)

What I have is very close to that Zalman and it works mahvelously. I’ve run some pretty intense stuff, and my p4 hasn’t gotten anywhere near what I’d call a danger zone.