Cop Shooting Thread


She’d probably still have a job if it had been a woman from, say, Zimbabwe who had been shot.

Edit: gender misidentification.



Local news story:


It’s nice to see some accountability.

Of course, the context is “black muslim immigrant kills pretty white christian woman,” so it may not represent much progress, really.


And it’s a gay woman got fired! Just more patriarchy!


Yeah this is a perfect storm for conservatives to suddenly give a shit about why our police are so shoot happy these days…


My hope is that accountability in this case will be held up as an example in future cases as well. It has to start somewhere. Apparently it can’t start when the victim is Black.


Seems they’ve decided the problem was that they let a black Muslim be a cop in the first place, so… probably not.



An old story I came across:

Although the cops ambushed the unarmed women without warning and fired over 100 bullets without provocation, the district attorney justified the case of mistaken identity due to the fact that the officers involved were afraid and incompetent.


Well there was a dangerous black man on the loose. What were they supposed to do??


Please tell me this is from ‘The Onion’?


Sadly, no.



Thought: If the idiots are judged incompetent and afraid, shouldn’t then the police chief be charged, as he or she kept these unfit for duty “people” employed and well armed?


In what profession besides police is “gross incompetence that endagers the lives of others” an excuse rather than a crime?






Ah, now we may know why the woman in Minneapolis died. She slapped the police car.

A woman presumed to be Ruszczyk was killed after she slapped the back of the police car, according to a search warrant obtained from Hennepin County District Court by Minneapolis Public Radio and the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension used the warrant to search the area where the shooting happened, Minneapolis Public Radio said.

“Upon police arrival, a female ‘slaps’ the back of the patrol squad,” the search warrant states, according to Minneapolis Public Radio. “After that, it is unknown to BCA agents what exactly happened, but the female became deceased in the alley.”


A warrant out of Tate County shows Samuel Pearman was wanted for domestic assault. But, when Southaven officers arrived on Surrey Lane to arrest Pearman, they did not show up to the correct house.

Instead, officers missed their target by 36 feet. Those 36 feet made all the difference to Ismael Lopez and his wife.

“Someone didn’t take the time to analyze the address,” attorney Murray Wells, who represents the family, said. “This is incredibly tragic and embarrassing to this police department that they can’t read house numbers.”

Wells pointed out that the house officers should have gone to, the one where Pearman was located, had a large ‘P’ on the door.


Wrong address or not, how the fuck do they end up shooting someone?

If a hand slaps a car in a suburban alley and nobody (other than the cops that kill her) is there to hear it, does it actually make a sound? Sheesh, the signs are not even a joke now:


I just hate the way they talk about these things. “The female became deceased”. A female slaps the car and something mysterious happens, and then the female is deceased! Hopefully the cop mysteriously becomes imprisoned.