Cop Shooting Thread


They always told us to never use passive voice in English class. . .


Well it obfuscates who did what actions, and therefore lessens the impact of the statement.

In other words the perfect tool for those who want to hide institutional rot.


I’ll have to pull out my old USA law book, but I am pretty sure slapping a cop car is not a capital offence.


Civilian property has no rights, which is why they can seize it.

By inverse double reversie corollary, police property has SUPER rights.


Expecting any time now for someone to scan a How To Interact With Police flier which has helpful advice like: “Make sure you don’t startle police by approaching without warning at night – if the windows are closed try tapping on the car to get their attention and alert them there is a citizen nearby.”

There is literally nothing you can do when interacting with police, to guarantee your safety. The only winning move is not to play.


Even not playing is no safety.


Are the police in the US trying to behave like IS?

Next week, beheadings at a traffic stop.


The sad part is that he’s not wrong.



Wait, what the fuck?

This is seriously disturbing to me. This is a real thing that he said?




Fuck this.


I can’t wait for the first cop in court to use that bit of speech as his/her defense.

“The President of the United States said I should.”


His base will like that.


IANAL nor did I stay at a Holiday Inn Express, but couldn’t that potentially expose him to a lawsuit if a cop roughs someone up or does there need to be a stronger directive?


I doubt it. Trump isn’t in any cop’s chain of command, so I’m not sure what legal responsibility he has, other than inciting imminent violence.

I’m sure all of these officers’ bosses will remind them on Monday that roughing up suspects puts them at risk of serious lawsuits and no matter what Trump says, police brutality is still illegal.


Thankfully, not a shooting but it could of been. Here is a small report on how a botched operation put a family at risk because they did the horrific perfectly legal thing of going to a hydroponic store.

They were lucky no one was shot.


Even though our officers cheered and laughed about it, we totally don’t do that.


Then they’ll grin, spin around to reveal crossed fingers, and go ruin a teenager’s life over weed to really get their morning going right.