Cop Shooting Thread


Protests already happening:

Activists, with support from some of the city’s black clergy, had pledged disruptive protests ahead of Wilson’s verdict.

Wilson addressed such statements in his order: “A judge shall not be swayed by partisan interests, public clamor or fear of criticism.”

Immediately after the verdict was issued, protesters gathered downtown near Tucker Boulevard and Market Street. They blocked a ramp to Interstate 64 off Clark Street, but were blocked by police from entering the highway. Protesters then headed to police headquarters.

As the protests grew, Wells Fargo and Nestle Purina PetCare sent their nearly 7,000 employees home for the day.
Ahead of the verdict — and the threat of violent protests — Gov. Eric Greitens took steps to activate the National Guard. Police officers in St. Louis and St. Louis County were put on 12-hour shifts, and several St. Louis schools called off classes for Friday. Barricades went up around downtown courthouses and the police station, and some downtown businesses boarded up their windows.



According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, it appeared to be a pocket knife with the blade tucked in.
“Drop it!” someone says finally, as Schultz takes three more steps toward an officer, followed by the report of a gunshot and many screams.

Schultz had been shot in the heart, according to the Journal-Constitution, and died early Sunday at an Atlanta hospital — one of about 700 people shot and killed by police in the United States this year.

Citing the state investigation into its officers actions, Georgia Tech declined to comment on the incident — though a spokesman called it a “tragic death.”


If I wanted the lede buried, I’d go read a news article! The relevant parts of that case:

Probable suicide by cop. Tried to commit suicide twice in the past. (I’m not really sure how I’d handle that as a parent.)

Our favorite anonymous 911 call about a “man with a knife and a gun.” Thanks, dumbass.

Campus police apparently don’t carry Tasers or anything.

If the pocket knife was really closed, then that’s pretty pathetic. The robotic training response makes me wonder if police will be the first bureaucrats to be replaced by AI robots. If they’re not going to exercise human judgment, then what’s the point?


Pffft, be serious. Do you even know how police departments operate? There’s no way the police would replace admin staff with AIs until the AIs can be trained to convincingly lie to protect cops.


Also, doesn’t current facial recognition tech have trouble identifying faces of African-Americans? How are AI cops going to be programmed to murder black people if they can’t properly recognize them?


If he was trying to commit suicide, it’s very possible he made the call and added the gun knowing it was a near guarantee of his death.


Sounds like a feature.

Racist Cop: "AI, was it this guy?"
AI: "Maybe, they all look alike."
RC: “Good enough.”


Good call, the investigation confirmed this.


Greenhouse is currently on $1 million bond while he awaits trial on charges of 2nd degree murder of the child and attempted 2nd degree murder of the child’s father, Christopher Few, at the deadend of Martin Luther King Jr. Drive on Nov. 3, 2015. News of Greenhouse’s vacation was originally posted on the Avoyelles Watchdogs for Justice internet blog site.

Although a condition of Greenhouse’s bond is that he wear an ankle bracelet to monitor his movements, defendants on bail can be allowed to travel and their whereabouts monitored.


Maybe he’ll get swept out to sea?


You guys don’t know what that baby was doing when shot.


I’m pretty sure the baby was screaming and crying from being in a police chase with flashing lights and sirens, then from the noise of multiple gunshots. Until one hit him in the head.

FFS what a fucking waste. As a parent with a 4yo, this shit just hits me so hard.


Deaf man holding a stick shot and killed by Oklahoma City police in his front yard. HufPo, but:

The two officers found Sanchez, who did not have a criminal record and was not involved in the hit-and-run, on the porch of the house holding a 2-foot-long metal pipe. The pipe had a small loop on one end, which is meant to be worn around the wrist, NBC reported. A neighbor told The Associated Press that Sanchez often carried the pipe to scare off the neighborhood’s many stray dogs.

When Sanchez approached, the officers ordered him to drop the pipe and “get on the ground,” Mathews said. Sanchez allegedly did not follow their commands and continued to move towards them.

Hearing the commotion, witnesses began yelling at the cops, telling them about Sanchez’s hearing disability.

“He can’t hear you,” they shouted, per Mathews.

Neighbors told KOCO 5 News that Sanchez was deaf and nonverbal.

When Sanchez got within 15 feet of the officers, Barnes fired his gun and Lindsey deployed his Taser. Mathews said Barnes discharged his firearm more than once. A witness told AP she heard “five or six gunshots.”

Sanchez was later pronounced dead at the scene.

“They killed an innocent man,” neighbor Julio Rayos told KOCO. “He was never aggressive to nobody. He was a real nice guy. I don’t think he deserved to die like that.”

The shooting is being investigated as a homicide, and [Sergeant Chris Barnes] has been placed on paid administrative leave.


WTF. Simultaneous non-lethal and lethal force, with some overkill thrown in. For a deaf man.


You see the bullets provide a matrix of electrically conductive “pain points” inside the criminal’s body, thus enabling the taser to work faster.


All I see is dead blond, dead brunette, and dead redhead.





Reminder to never turn yourself in for anything.