Cop Shooting Thread


Not shootings, just repeated perjury by a group of officers… like, over and over and over again.



Jesus, what can you even say to that?



Powerful summary of that interaction. And to top it off, we have a President who exclaims the evils of the press and the same for people who protest. Things are only going to get worse.



What thread does this belong in? Eh, fuck it, this one.

To protect and serve.


Protect and serve!


Service! Keeping us all safe!


An 18-year-old girl says two NYPD officers raped her after arresting her, according to reports.

The officers in question did not deny the sexual acts occurred, but both claimed they were consensual, according to the New York Daily News.

Handcuff and arrest someone, and then have ‘consensual’ sex with them. While on duty. So consensual!


In what world would even consensual sex with an 18 year old that you just arrested be considered a good thing?


The one where cops are above the law and can do anything without fear of reprisal.



Rules, laws and morals are for commoners, not them.


Probably not the right place since it’s like… an international thing as far as I can tell, but WTF.


This isn’t the time to talk about police murder.



This is from the Dallas shooting last year, but I just ran across it today.


This is a flat-out murder. And there are no charges against the officers. Because of course not – the victim was a tall black man.


As a follow-up to the Utah cop who arrested the nurse that wouldn’t cooperate with his unlawful request to draw blood, he has been terminated and his superior demoted two ranks, from Lieutenant to police officer.


Good to hear some real action being taken. I can’t recall from the story: did the superior give the order to arrest the nurse? If so, he should have been fired too, not just demoted.