Cop Shooting Thread


So you thought you would clarify the heart attack claim by mentioning he had coke and money and talk about his guilt when he was never convicted of the crime?

And of course, the documentation of the search warrant contradicted itself, first saying they seized nothing and then saying they did (they’re only supposed to check one box). This was a bought and paid for, in full house, by someone who had drug issues in the past and all that information was advertised locally when he had an issue with his heart. And who the heck swarms a house like that? There have been discussions, including on NPR, about why police use that kind of technique on low level and often low risks search warrants

So no, not cut and dry he was guilty nor does it even matter with CAF… and yes, it was pretty much public knowledge he had a heart condition.




Wasn’t sure where to put this but… Lol:

The headline is like something out of The Onion. Or Mad Magazine:

Detroit police officers fight each other in undercover op gone wrong


Body cam footage:


Jaywalking, the underreported menace. Along with walking without an ID.


Long video, but worthwhile. Thank you.





Yes, there were definitely some issues with this young man but none of that explains what the police did afterward.



The problem isn’t racist cops… the problem is shitty cops.



I’m always reminded of the movie A Clockwork Orange where Dim and Georgie later become cops.


“Dispatch calls ‘Are you doing something wicked?’
‘No siree, chap, we’re just giving tickets!’”


I recommend that strategy, but I’ve never seen this. Maybe it doesn’t get the clicks?



It does not get the clicks, which he mentions in the thread, I think.

The media fails us once again on that point.


When contacted by CityPages, McBroom initially denied that he was the man who wrote the tweet, although he later confessed to lying about this when confronted with additional evidence that he was its original author.

He then explained that his declaration that Reynolds would spend $800,000 on crack wasn’t meant to be a racist statement, but was rather a statement of concern for how people who win large settlements often invest that money unwisely.


Good lord. I love Minneapolis, but you get 50 miles outside the city and it’s fucking North Dakota up here.

The rural Midwest is a nightmare.


It’s both.