Cop Shooting Thread


WTH… it’s either walk backwards or shot? What kind of messed up logic is that. Walk backwards!


Let he who has not walked backwards without shooting someone cast the first stone.


Ok, I have to admit I was puzzled when I saw her picture…I mean, she looks white. But…

Can’t have those foreigners stealing our national resources like that, now can we?


No, no, no. You’re misunderstanding.

He’s saying that if he walked backwards, he would have fallen over and accidentally shot the woman.

See, it makes perfect sense.


I do get what he’s saying, but the same people who can chew gum and walk can walk backwards and not do anything else. It sounds like they’ve got some sort of weirdo never back down police to me which is also bullshit.


Maybe these cops should be like Barney Fife and not be able to carry bullets.


Certainly not those named al-Bishara and “speaks mostly Arabic.”

What the chief said is telling: “But then again what do we do? Do we try to go hands-on? She could have been hurt just as easily, or even fell on the knife itself,” he said. “Lord help us if she had tried to stop the officer and held the knife in an aggressive manner, and then deadly force would have been used.”

How about not thinking you have to solve everything with physical, adversarial confrontation? How about thinking, “what is the best way I can help this person”? Fucking pieces of shit.


I’d argue that should be the case for many cops.


Barney had a bullet. He just wasn’t allowed to load it until authorized to.

Which sounds like a good start at this point.


Yup. Left shirt pocket.


The officers had not yet been certified to walk backwards down slopes. It’s right there in the policy.


But with Roy Oliver, Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson has said she is sending a message to law enforcement: “if you do wrong, we will prosecute you.”

“Police officers have very dangerous jobs; they have to make split-second decisions,” said First Assistant District Attorney Mike Snipes in his opening statement before the jury. “We stand by police officers every single day in this courthouse … no reasonable police officer would have engaged that car."






Guess the only result from this is more body camera “malfunctions” so the evidence is gone.
At least one killer cop is off the streets.


This isn’t about a shooting, but let’s just say relations between the STL City Police and the Prosecutor’s office are just a bit chilly right now:

There are no specifics as to why.



WTF? That’s premeditated attempted murder and and a massively fraudulent cover up.