Cop Shooting Thread


Well here’s a tragic, bewildering mistake:



Maybe the guy kept his door unlocked, but how do you mistakenly enter an apartment thinking it’s yours and not realize immediately that you’re in the wrong place. Everything (furniture, decor, photos) is different.

The only way you don’t is you’re stupendously drunk.


I’ll guess it’s the most obvious story: she stops off for a few drinks after work, then it’s ‘drunk person kills someone.’ It could be some complex plot, but occam’s razor says that’s unlikely.



Now if this black guy had shot the police officer instead, assuming all other factors are the same (she broke in, drew her gun on him), he’d probably already be on death row.


One would hope that union rules would only apply to cops while on duty. It seems ridiculous and illegal for an off duty cop to be treated differently than anyone else, vis a vis the cops and a crime.


And we should all get unicorns and a million dollars!


I mean, this is a nightmare story. And I don’t know how they would ever want to cover for this. If she did it on purpose it is actually better than the alternative, for the police force. If this was truly a mistake, it is chilling indeed.

A police officer entered a random citizen’s apartment and shot him to death.

If they had a relationship or something, the police can deflect blame on a deranged employee who showed no signs of trouble at work. I know police unions really support their own, but this one is tough to back.


I don’t know what happened here, but she accidentally entered his apartment thinking it was hers, saw him and thought he was an intruder, so shot him to death falls way down to the bottom of the likely scenarios for me.



There aren’t words for this. I’m a Christian, a fact which coincidentally led me to spend time with his aunt and other family down in the Caribbean (Gros Islet). All incredibly kind and caring people.


This sounds like murder to me. She murdered him, 100% her fault, no excuses and the fact she is a cop should not matter.


She had to have been drunk. Flat-out murdered the poor man.


I’m going to go ahead and guess that she gets fired, then rehired by a small town police station within a month or two.


If she was drunk and off-duty, I assume the “I feared for my life so nyaah nyaah” standard for police shootings would not apply here. Maybe this is naive, but I can’t believe that all cops are essentially immune to murder charges at any point in their lives.

So, she could be in deeper crap here than the normal “two weeks (paid) leave, then go join another force” routine.


I, too, may be naive, but I don’t think she gets out of this with anything less than negligence homicide, more likely manslaughter. The difference being whether her actions rose to recklessness or just negligence.


An innocent person minding his own damn business in his residence, shot dead? This is certainly reckless.

There can be no way she walks free. The fact she is not detained right now is a travesty.


Of course, the question is, why manslaughter?


Easier to get a conviction?