Cop Shooting Thread


Murder is pretty specific, deals with intent and after stuff. I think that also varies from one jurisdiction from another.


“I was hammered and fucked up so bad someone died” sounds exactly like manslaughter to me.


Yes, that’s what I thought, but the story is that she had just come off duty. And people in the building heard ‘cops’ banging on the victim’s door and demanding to be let in. I think there’s more to it than we’ve heard so far. They can simply arrest her for murder, lower the charge later if that makes sense. That’s what they’d do to anyone else.


I don’t think that’s right. They have probable cause for manslaughter. I don’t think they have probable cause for murder. The reverse is more reasonable—bring her in on the certain charge and charge up if they find evidence of intent.


Fair enough, but if she was banging on the door shouting to be let in (per witnesses) then her story that she thought it was her apartment is bullshit. And if that story is bullshit, then so is the idea that her mistake was due to intoxication. If the witness report is right, she didn’t make a mistake about the apartment. She went to it for a reason.


This isn’t true. I’ve seen drunk people banging on their own door before. Shockingly, drunk people do stupid shit. Not sure if that’s the case, here, but there’s no upside to the cops arresting her for murder rather than manslaughter, particular based on so many assumptions. The manslaugher arrest is the more logical approach.


Me, too, but usually not while shouting that they are the police and demanding that the occupant open the door. Maybe the witnesses are wrong, but this is all very weird. Also, the report says that she had just come off duty and was still in uniform. When and where did she get drunk?


I don’t know if she was drunk, at all. But we were discussing why the warrant was for manslaughter versus murder. My view is that there’s nothing unusual about that.


Yes, you’re probably right. I just think the whole thing is strange. It was strange at the beginning, and it’s even more strange now.


No. You’re right. Our police officers should be held to a higher standard. If the reports are correct, she’s in uniform. I don’t know about you, but if some stranger started banging on my door in the middle of the night, my reaction is different if that person is a police officer. He may not have opened his door, and be alive today, if it were not for that.


What she said.


Very much so. If some random person is pounding on my door, I wont open it, or if I do I’ll likely have a firearm ready to use when I do.

If a cop is doing it, I’m probably going to open it and make damned sure I’m not armed.


Man, if only there was a good guy with a gun there, this tragedy could’ve been avoided.


My exact thoughts.


Good thoughts, but I’d recommend against ever opening the door for a police officer without them showing you a warrant. Ask them through the door what’s up.


Sometimes they just ask you a question like… we heard complaints about noise, or have you seen your neighbor. They’re not always, probably not usually, after you.

Now having said that, I’ve never had a come to my door to pound on the door and demand in. .I think I might not go near the door at that point.


Wait…if she is pounding on the door demanding to be let in, that implies she thought there was someone inside HER home to let her in. Did she have a husband or roommate or whatever? And if so, why the fuck would she pull her gun?


Or that her story about thinking it was her own apartment is bullshit.


Well like someone said above, when someone is drunk, like really drunk, they are not thinking normally at all.


I would invite you to watch this video.

Whether they are after you at that moment or not, it doesn’t matter, because you may be breaking the law in any number of ways and not know it. There are only downsides to letting cops into your house without a warrant. They’re not there to socialize. You’re not going to make a new friend. Let them talk to you through the door. It’s for your own good.