Cop Shooting Thread


I learned my brother died in his sleep by a police officer knocking at my door.


OK, but you didn’t have to let them in your house to learn that. Watch the video. Or not, and just let cops into your house whenever. You haven’t done anything wrong, so what do you have to hide. No downsides!


I’ve seen this guy before. He’s a great speaker.

Here’s the thing though, sometimes it’s worth the risk. If a child is missing, how can I not help find them? You have to weight morality with legality risks and sometimes legality loses. Now am I going to open my door to some drunk cop demanding to get in, no, probably not but everyone is going to say that after a young man is shot to death because in their mind, it’s obvious. We know for a fact people react differently under stress than they think they will.


There is a difference between letting them in and answering the door though.

A cop isn’t getting past my door without a warrant, but I’ll probably answer it. In a few years it wont matter anyway, they’ll be allowed to kick in your door without a warrant and use whatever they find in court anyway, while the SCOTUS reminds us all how it’s a violation of your rights and shakes their heads sadly.

Hell, we’re fairly close to them getting Qualified Immunity for lining people up against walls and shooting them in the head. Which is funny since Qualified Immunity is something SCOTUS made up by pulling it out of their asses. But when it comes to the Exclusionary Rule that predates the nation and is assumed by the Founders to be part of Common Law on which all our law is based… well it’s not outlined verbatim in the Constitution so it doesn’t really exist or some horseshit.


Turns out, cops may just walk into your house, think it’s theirs, and shoot you.


We’re aware (scroll up!) ;)


There may be more to this story. I’ve seen a photo circulating on the web that purports to be of the cop and the guy in a social setting, noting they either dated or were close.

The idea that the woman thought that it was her apartment, when it was locked and she had to bang on the door doesn’t make any sense, even if she was really drunk.




The officials said Guyger, a four-year veteran of the force, then went to the door she thought was hers but was one floor too high. Guyger didn’t notice that Jean’s door had a red doormat, the official said told the Morning News.

Okay. So unless these apartments are designed complete differently from all apartments I have ever lived in, there are several other signs to take note of to tell someone that it’s not their apartment in addition to a doormat.

This part though:

Guyger put her key in the unlocked door and it opened, the official said.

Might be very important.

This is weird though:

She turned on the lights and realized she was in the wrong apartment.

Because even in the dark I can tell what my place looks like. And if it was it was so dark, how did she know someone was there?


So her story now contradicts… everything?


The guy was moving around in the dark in his apartment? I suppose that’s possible, if he had been asleep and she woke him by coming into the apartment. The way the story is summarized makes it sound as if it all happened quickly, though; that she basically opened the door, saw him, shot him.


I hope they get the full story on what happened here. Why was her first instinct to kill someone when she thought someone was inside her apartment? Shouldn’t it be to step back outside and call for backup? The whole story sounds a bit flimsy so I guess we’ll see what develops.


The very best possible read of the situation means that person should never have been allowed to be a police officer and should have never had access to a gun, not even being able to realize they’re not at their own house, yeah, that’s the kind of person we want with the authority to shoot people…



Evidently, she lived on the first floor. The victim lived on the second floor.

I’ve been drunk, I’ve been lost and I have certainly stepped off an elevator on the wrong floor before. But if my destination was on the first floor, I cannot imagine a scenario where I go to a door on the second. How do you accidentally ascend a staircase?

There are also pictures out there of them together at some kind of outdoor function. They knew each other.

EDIT: Further research indicates that the pictures supposedly showing them together did not actually include Guyger.


Yeah, her story isn’t getting any more believable.


Daammmmnnn Onion. Daammmn.


Per ReptileHouse’s link, she parked on the wrong floor of the parking structure (3rd vs 4th). Maybe it’s a weird setup where the 1st floor isn’t necessarily the “ground” floor. Not sure - the whole thing sounds shady as hell, especially if there are legit pics of them together.


How do we get his side of the story? I’d bet anything he asked who was there and who’s in his apartment and she killed him. She was given time to coalesce a story that she wouldn’t contradict later on and to make sure she can play a victim card, “Poor me I worked a long shift and didn’t know I was on the wrong floor etc”.

Here is something else to consider. If she is this sloppy at her own place, think of what kind of work she does in the field. How much has been covered up for her and her comrades for the mistakes they’ve made working shift lengths they shouldn’t be doing?