Cop Shooting Thread


As much is obvious! The question is what is the truth here. If there is indeed solid evidence they knew each other that is a drastically different situation than if this was a random fuck up.

Both are bad, but the former edges into murder far more, by providing the hints of a motive/ premeditation.


His company is clearing that up. That wasn’t her. Just another employee who was mistakenly IDed.



She’s already been involved in at least one questionable shooting last I heard.


The real problem is that her current story (the door was unlocked) doesn’t match the alleged original story, which was that she couldn’t get the door open (because it wasn’t her door) and it was actually the victim who opened it, dressed in his underwear. So she shot him.


Yeah, like I said earlier, they’re just pretending the original story never happened.

Nothing shady about that.




That seems fair. Clearly the police erred in not bringing heroin to plant on him in the first place and they need to correct the oversight.

100% this piece of shit walks away. Reasonable chance she keeps her job.


This makes it sound like he was in the wrong, being in his house, somehow put her at risk. This is insane.


Arrest warrant says she entered the dark apartment.

Search warrant says confrontation happened in doorway



As ever Michael Harriot at the root has the correct take.

Well a take I firmly believe at any rate.



Massachusetts state police tweeted this map out for people to know where the gas problems are happening. But, if you look at the bookmark bar across the top of the screen, you can see that all their browser bookmarks are for tracking resistance and anti-police-violence groups. So, there’s that.


This is a good catch. Turns out police didn’t search the perpetrator’s apartment, only the victim’s.


Maybe they tried, but got confused and went to the wrong unit.



The contents of Amber Guyger’s pinterest account will surprise nobody:


Indeed. Exactly what I’d expect.