Cop Shooting Thread


I would love to read that article but it leads to a World Cup Spin ad on my phone that prevents me from ever seeing it.


Sorry. I sometimes find the same thing – articles that work great on my computer’s browser just pull up ads if I access them on my phone.


Fuck that particular ad setup, and fuck everyone who uses them.

I hate, with the power of a thousand suns, the ‘redirect you 50 times so you can not escape’ on mobile ads.


She’s going to get away with this; she’s going to get away with murder.


Almost certainly.


The Sunday before Botham Shem Jean was killed.



Some shitsplat town in Alabama or Oklahoma will hire her to be a cop, I’m sure. Can’t let that “killing black people” experience go to waste.


They might have already called her and made the offer, can’t wait to get another fine example in their city.


Sadly in so many cases they just need to go 1 town over.


So she’s not being charged with anything? I don’t get it.


Charged with manslaughter.


That’s what I had thought. But all the talk here about her getting another job confused me. Is the consensus that she gets away with it?


I’m of the opinion she will be convicted.


What I hope as well. She can get her next job in prison.

Edit: She was fired today.



a year ago


As a child, I was not allowed to cry for no reason. Leroy’s grandkid would have had to grow up and get over it.


You better stop crying before i give you something to cry ABOUT!