Cop Shooting Thread



Amazing WP opinion article.


“Will anything change?”




I guess by that logic the nightclub shooter from a couple days ago should be the cop? I can’t say I’m a fan.


So, you beat up a cop, then you get the badge, like Championship Title?

What if one guy beats multiple cops? Do you get to decide which badge you’re challenging him for? What happens to the badges if he retires? Does having two badges mean he outranks people with just one badge?

Can he unify the the title, and turn 2 badges I to one super-badge?


These are all important questions.


That’s a completely horrifying thing to say, but based on the context here, or complete lack of, you would think he’s responding to what happened at Thousand Oaks… he’s not. Or any other shooting really.

He’s responding to this:
11-Year-Old Boy Leads Police On High Speed Chase For Second Time # BlueLivesMatter # BackTheBlue Full Story

Still an inexcusable thing but holy shit, out of context like that was not serving anyone well.


The context for me is the tweet’s appearance in the cop shooting thread.


Yeah but that tweet was not actually done in response to any shooting at all.


I understand. 😥


Well the full thread makes it better, it’s a snarky response to the guy before him. In the context of replying to a guy saying ‘he should get to be the cop/ be given their cruiser’ it makes some sense.

Outside of that context, but one where the shooting at the country bar is fresh? Holyfuckinghell does that come off bad.


I figured folks would realize that it was a joke. I just put it here because it was related to police misconduct.



Its pretty pathetic I’d put myself in harm’s way more than these cops to help save a life. I’d have stayed between the two while talking with the homeless man because I wouldn’t trust the cop to not pull the trigger.

It does’t take a genius to figure out how to de-escalate these situations. Treat them like a human being and talk.


They’re teaching cops to kill or be killed. The police system is rotten. It needs to be torn down and rebuilt.


Good guy with a gun killed by cops.


Guess what color skin the security guard had?


To be fair in Robbins, that’s a majority of the population.

Also, from the other perspective, this is also about 3 miles away from where the Merrionette Park protests were a few years ago, so this isn’t an isolated incident either.

Geez, I lived a few miles from that place about two years ago.


I don’t have a link for this but over the weekend Fresno PD had to shoot an ex-Fresno PD Captain who had apparently gone loony tunes and was threatening himself and others with a knife. A 3 month new officer shot him after a taser failed to slow him down.

Strange story about a sad man.

Edited to include link.