Cop Shooting Thread


With a gun.

Remember that the only answer to a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun*

*who will be shot immediately by police, see Chicago and Alabama


Why didn’t his gun have a gun? That’s the question.


So, some sort of fractal gun? Intersetting.


And functional.


And they continue to wonder why blm continues to matter…hmmm







As a kid in elementary school we would have the same cop come in every year, for about a 1/2 hour, and he would talk bike safety. That picture reminds me of that, except for the words of course.


I just finished reading The Hate U Give, which is about a black teen caught up in a cop shooting of her friend. I know it’s fiction, but it could easily have come from any number of recent headlines. Highly recommended if you haven’t yet come across it.



I’m not really interested in seeing a small animal get obliterated by gunfire. If I watch that video is that what I’ll be seeing?


It’s not very graphic and the framing doesn’t show it explicitly.

But you would see the animal writhing on the ground after being shot, much more in frame than the shot itself. So probably best avoid.

It basically plays out like the cop killing the dog simply because the owner knew and was asserting his rights.


The dog lives (for now). But I found the video graphic


It’s fucked up. If anything, it’s worse than just seeing the dog get its head blown off, because the poor thing is rolling around.

That cop needs to go to jail forever.


You know what the real fucked up part is? The departments initial statement was how they don’t believe the officer broke any laws or regulations.

What the actual fuck?!


The more fucked up part is that they’re probably right.


Isn’t this an attempt to explain why they can’t actually charge him with breaking any laws just yet? Because I’m sure they know people will be demanding it.


Yea, I’m actually pretty ok with it in the context of “well, he might not have broken any laws, but it’s obviously a terrible thing to do so we’re firing him”


Thing is, if it wasn’t filmed he’d have been fine, because this is SOP for police in basically every department anymore.