Cop Shooting Thread


The cop got fired, and the sheriff’s statement sounds like they’re genuinely looking for a way to prosecute him. So, at least the department appears to be handling it correctly.

Still… what a complete asshole. Hopefully, the video goes viral and Twitter ruins his life. There are times when I cheer on internet mob justice.


He’ll be hired at another department within a few months. Or he’ll join sherif Arapaio doing… whatever it is he’s up to these days.


Well, it is a misdemeanor to injure or kill a dog without the owner’s permission in Arkansas. I’m sure there are exceptions for self-defense, etc, and I haven’t watched the video, but I’d be surprised if it wasn’t a crime.

I’m sure there are also laws about discharging a firearm in play too.

A person commits a misdemeanor if he or she knowingly abandons any animal , subjects any animal to cruel mistreatment, fails to supply an animal in his or her custody with a sufficient quantity of wholesome food and water, fails to provide an animal in his or her custody with adequate shelter, kills or injures any animal belonging to another without legal privilege or consent of the owner, or carries an animal in or upon any motorized vehicle or boat in a cruel or inhumane manner. Aggravated cruelty to a cat, dog, or horse is a Class D felony if the offense involves the torture.


There are exemptions though. And the police probably use this one all the time:

(1) Reasonably acting to protect a person or a person’s property from damage;

Where “reasonable” for a police officer is akin to “they felt like it,” in most cases.


Perhaps, but his own words later in the video contradict this defense as he explicitly states the dog got shot due to the homeowner’s refusal to walk to the road.


Sure, but only because it was filmed and he was extra stupid.

Most of the time there is no footage and the officer doesn’t say anything utterly idiotic on camera.
Cops can kill your dog basically at-will and do.


I don’t disagree at all. Just in this specific instance there is evidence against this defense.


This whole thread is about cops being able to kill anyone and anything they want pretty much any time they want.

Hell, a cop killed an innocent man in his own home and it was questionable whether she’d even get indicted.


No way in hell was the dog acting vicious or aggressive towards the officer. It acted more playful and inquisitive.


I think this is sadly true in a lot of cases of force against pets.

But I say let the guy go to court and argue in front of a jury that a 6 lb dog threatened his or his property’s safety.

Loud barking pit bull, it is still an awful abuse of power, but you could more reasonably assume danger, but a chihuahua ain’t gonna do shit but scuff your boots.


Yes, exactly. He may have a defense, but let him offer it and see if it flies.



Why is this asshole cracking jokes with his hashtags over this shit? It’s a tragedy.



The thing that really burns my ass is how taxpayers get to pay for all these settlements about public servant malfeasance.


You’d think it would push them towards fixing things, but it never does.
So really it’s on said taxpayers.


It’s not really the kind of thing we are empowered to deal with, if we want to deal with the generally larger issues that face our communities :/


You’d think this would be the case, but dollar-for-dollar cops seem actually pretty loyal to the people who pay their salaries IMO. Especially if said tax payers are white I guess.

(Assuming I’m reading these charts correctly. And I know the charts don’t include county & state taxes, so I’m generalizing. And not all communities are exactly the same, etc.)


It’s not that you’re generalizing, it’s that virtually no one we would call a ‘cop’ gets paid by Federal taxes.

This is really what you’re looking for. Local taxes tend to be regressive, not progressive, because they’re most often sales and excise taxes.


Ah, thanks. I should have looked harder. But it doesn’t necessarily nullify my point. Even in a (moderately) regressive income tax system more salary monies could be coming from the rich on a per-person basis. The same can be true for sales taxes and excise taxes depending on how many goods a wealthy person purchases. (But there’s for instance only so much alcohol or tobacco a single individual can consume…)