Copying text files to CD-R

I copied two 2K size text files to a CD-R disk using Windows XP burning software and they took up around 50 MB of space! Why would this be?

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And a few other things, I’m sure.

I know CD-R’s are cheap, but for 4k of data, writing the shit out longhand might have been more efficent. :wink:

Actually, it’s impossible to burn CD’s under a certain size.

It may depend on your program, or it may have just been how long ago it was, but I remember one time a friend of mine was burning me a 10k or so file and it didn’t even automatically fill the needed space for him; he had to throw an old Mozilla install file on there too.

It was the virus on your computer adding itself quietly to your CD.

Agrees with the other posters. Despite what you write on a CDR, it will be a certain size or greater no matter what.

If you want to write small text files to CD, look into writing them on CDRW. You can copy them off the CD, erase the CD, then Re-Write them.

CDRW’s are a little more expensive, but they more than make up for it in your situation.