Cordless Optical Mouse Wanted...Maybe

I’m trying to decide whether or not this is something I want to pick up.

I really like the idea, but I’ve heard people say that there’ just enough lag to make things really annoying – especially in shooters. I don’t need anything to make me worse at NOLF 2. :)

So, how many of you have used them, and liked them, vs. how many have used them and hated them. And what models/brands, if any, are recommended?

This is the one. End of story.

I tried 'em all. The Microsoft one has a great design but is laggy and eats through batteries. This Logitech has way better response and sits in its base and recharges itself like a razor. And I love its ergonics and the texture of its plastic.

Wow, that was quick. :)

Thanks, Steve – I’ll look into that one. Might add it to my Christmas list…

Concurring/dissenting opinions still welcome, of course.

From everything I’ve read, that Logitech MX700 really is the only viable gaming cordless mouse around. I haven’t tried it myself, but it’s definitely on my Christmas list from me to myself. I’ll probably cave in and get it way before Christmas, though, just because.

That one does look nice, but I’m not getting what the big deal is with the cord. Does it get in the way? 99.9% of the time I never even notice that my mouse has one.

Are you guys using the mouse on your pants again?

I play from a loveseat set up a decent distance from my computer desk – basically, the exact distance of the mouse cord.

The cord only bothers me about 20% of the time, but that’s often enough to think about getting a cordless mouse.

Well my desk is perpetually cluttered, and my mouse cord is constantly running into the cable modem, router, or palm pilot docking cradle. Every now and then, I’ll find the perfect way to position the mouse so that the cord doesn’t hit anything else, but that usually only lasts for a few minutes until I get into an intense FPS or RTS game.

That one does look nice, but I’m not getting what the big deal is with the cord. Does it get in the way? 99.9% of the time I never even notice that my mouse has one.

This cracks me up, coming from the early adopter, who buys the newest (expensive, I might add) hardware the week it’s released.

And he’s questioning my decision to by a cordless optical mouse, on the grounds that I don’t need it?

Wumpus, you make me laugh. :)

On a cluttered desktop mice cords always get in the way.

About to make the switch to the MX700 now (from the Wireless Intellimouse Explorer) and can’t wait. The Microsoft dealie is laggy as Steve says, has a range of about 2 inches to the receiver, and juices down batteries like Big Gulps. The MX700 on the other hand as its own recharger, has the range of a pistol, and is truly funky (albeit some software you probably shouldn’t install).

I tell you what, I’ll sell you my Microsoft one Murph :)

— Alan

Aw, that’s nice of you!!

But, the MX700 is already on my Christmas list, which has been laminated. I’ll pass. :)

Stay far, far away from the MS optical. It EATS batteries - I’d say if I go 9 days I am lucky. It’s also a tad laggy when you need to move fast, and I’ve found that when trying to line something up perfectly (say, a target with the sniper rifle in Hitman 2) it’s hard to get it right where you want it - it seems to ‘jump’ a bit father than I’d like.

I don’t know about the logitech ones, but don’t bother with the Microsofts.

Oops, the above was from me.

This cracks me up, coming from the early adopter, who buys the newest (expensive, I might add) hardware the week it’s released.

Well, a corded device will always be faster and more responsive. See wireless vs. 100baseT. But if having a cord is a problem, sounds like the Logitech removes most of the major obstacles… I have heard good things, not just here, but elsewhere.

Hmm, mine doesn’t use up nearly that much. I replace them I guess every 3 weeks, but I use those Energizer Titanium batteries or whatever, not some cheap Rayovacs.

In any event, I got my MX700 yesterday. Holy crap is this a cool mouse. There is absolutely no lag, has nice feel, is much lighter (with batteries – it comes with 2 rechargeables), and is generally very good. My drift away from Logitech mice is now over – didn’t last more than a year… one unique feature is that the left and right mouse buttons are actually built into the frame of the mouse, basically two independently clickable plates. I hope over long-term use it won’t stick like the Boomslang does, but we’ll see… not sure how long the batteries last before you need to recharge them (just put the mouse in the charger, recharges the batteries through the mouse). Also takes regular AA batteries.

— Alan

Trying to figure out where some of the interference is coming from – my oldie MS forcefeedback stick was causing some (the mouse rests next to it) so I may have to figure out some sort of re-arrangement.

The AA rechargeables it comes with seem to last about 24 hours before needed recharging straight. That doesn’t seem like a lot to me… of course they’re El Cheapo batteries and you’re supposed to be recharging the suckers whenever you’re not using it, but still… then again, I don’t have much knowledge of the lasting power of rechargable AA’s in comparison to regular ones. Any suggestions?

The MX700 does seem to “float” every once in awhile – that is, get confused between 2 different positions, but I think it’s the light-wood looking surface I’m using.

— Alan

I don’t care for any of the cordless mice. Mostly it’s a battery issue–it takes a fair bit of juice to power even a weak laser (I do like optical mice), and on my machine the laser is always running, since the only time I ever turn my computer off is when I go on vacation. I gave up on the cordless keyboard recently, too.

Which is why the MX700 is so cool, since you just put it in its cradle when you got to sleep and recharge it overnight.

That’s asssuming that I’d remember to do it. We’ve worked together, Steve… what do you think? ;)

It’s not that hard to remember to do :)

— Alan

I always forget to do it too, at least for the week or so I’ve been using it at home. But if it craps out during the evening, I can put it on the charger for like 5 minutes and get a couple of hours out of it. Or put in some regular AA batteries.