Corning beef

Does anyone have a good recipe for corning a 2 kg. brisket? Pre-corned beef here is ridiculously expensive and the family is really jonesing [sp?] for some corned beef and cabbage. But all the recipes I find on the Internet seem to either (1) call for something around 8 lbs of beef (people who corn beef – ‘corn-ers?’ – must tend to come from really large families) or (2) come out way too salty.

When in doubt, consult Alton.

I’ve never tried it, but it looks like a reasonable recipe. Could probably be cut down easily enough if you aren’t going to do a whole brisket.

I’ve never corned beef but my family is 1/2 Irish and I remember my Grandmother doing it. Sadly I don’t have her recipe. I do remember it sat curing for a significant amount of time, as in days.

Assuming it’s similar to other cured products have you tried soaking it in warm water after curing or curing it for less time?

Thanks, guys. Somehow I missed the Alton Brown recipe – or maybe I was just hoping it wouldn’t have to take 10 days to corn a brisket. I’ll give it a try. I’ve been generally pleased with his other recipes.