Corona Tech Impact

So, in Norway a lot of companies use Microsoft 365, and all the students have free MS365 licenses, which… well. Someone is busy today.

I’m using Teams to WFH right now. Seems fine. They did of course forget to renew their certificates a while back, but that’s a separate issue.

Our job and the schools have had some issues in Norway. Couldn’t upload semi-large files that I needed my co-workers to receive, for instance. But I expect these are localized problems depending on what the capacity is in the place you’re at.

Can’t blame them too much - I’m sure nobody ever anticipated entire countries to suddenly start logging on concurrently at 8-9AM.

Discord has also been having trouble, according to one of my colleagues.

Edit: Some of my colleagues are reporting messages not arriving in a timely manner, etc. Makes coordinating work pretty hard. I don’t envy the hardware guys on these services right now.

Teams is fine in the US so far, but the spike won’t occur for another 18 minutes!

We’re in Zoom/Slack for our remote work, and it was fine Friday, but I assume shit’s going to get real today

I am on a webbex. Going strong so far.

Zoom’s been working fine for us so far. Webex failed my wife’s employer last week on an all-hands COVID19 update that would have gone to 40-50k employees - they had to reschedule.

I have a sales kick off starting tomorrow that has been moved to a virtual platform, we’ll see how that holds up, but it’s not our first rodeo running large virtual events.

Annoying I still have to shave for videoconferences, but at least I’m not wearing pants.

We just did a 35 person Google Hangout and it was super smooth.

I told my mate last night to make sure I don’t look like Tom Hanks from Castaway at the end of this.

I had a pretty heavy neckbeard presence this morning, that was painful to shave!

Complete breakdown on the MS platform today. Most of us unable to log into outlook/teams (some people getting in after 1-2 hours), meaning we have no access to our work e-mail and conference platform.

Some of us have absconded to Slack, but for most of our colleagues, this means that a lot of people are cut off from their WFH communications platform. I’m supposed to do a 2-hour presentation today, and I have no idea how we’ll pull that off. What a debacle…

PS. Fat clients mostly work, it’s their web stuff that has pretty much broken down completely. Which doesn’t help me, unfortunately - for various reasons, I am limited to the web client 95% of the time.

Yeah, we’re having difficulty with file uploads today.

We’re using it here (Eastern US) and haven’t seen issues yet. I’m assuming it is crashing at peak EMEA times though.

We ARE having to update licensing for our VPN users like mad. We’ve doubled it 4 times already.

We’ve been doing 25-30 person lab meetings on zoom without a problem. Given the fact that a subset of us almost always work at home, it’s actually been really fun to have everyone together at once.

My boss was never a big fan of teleconferencing (and thus our efforts were to copy slides to slack, and throw a microphone in the middle of a conference table and have people call in on a shitty conference line.) Now I think he’s really seeing the potential, and we may keep zoom (or similar) around as an option even when the majority of people CAN colocate.

“Lucky” for us, NYC office space (and some remote employees) means that we’ve had to build all of our large meetings around zoom for some time now. Our whole company can’t fit into any of the conference rooms in our office, so live telecast to lots of smaller rooms has been a necessity for a while.

Sorry - wasn’t being precise. Meant here in Norway. Pretty ineffective day today, unfortunately, but that’s what happens, I guess.

My boss wants us to use video for our 1;1 meetings. I keep my laptop in clamshell mode. “Let me just order a webcam real quick,” I think.


We’re using Webex for all meetings and FaceTime for 1:1s.

WebEx is holding up OK. It strains with meetings of more than 15 people if everyone has video turned on, but I suspect that’s a bandwidth problem more than a WebEx service problem.

Our VPN infrastructure was wobbly for a few days last week, but they’ve beefed that up and it’s been fine.

Slack has definitely been a more regular hangout and coordination mechanism than it had been previously. It’s been holding up under the load just fine. Personally, I just use the macOS desktop version, not the web or mobile versions, though, so milage likely varies.

I did the exact same thing yesterday. 😐