Coronavirus 2019

No quicktime dancing please.


Today during the broadcast for the spaceship splashing down, everyone is wearing a mask except for Elon.

Ostentatiously to have a cup of coffee. But he sure makes a production of doing things except for drinking coffee.

I believe we are watching Elon Musk’s mental state deteriorate in real time. All jokes aside, he has gotten progressively more erratic over the last few years.

He did put it back on, I must have just hit it right when I started watching the stream. I was just surprised because he gets up, walks out of frame, comes back, wipes his face / nose with a handkerchief while over many minutes while I saw him drink 2-3 sips from his cup.

It’s from all that adrenochrome that he’s been doing now that he’s one of the elites.

(this has been an idiot conspiracy theorists thread crossover episode)

Don’t forget the Ibogaine.

It’s how you become a Bond supervillain. Doesn’t happen overnight.

I suspect you may have meant “ostensibly” but in truth you’re not wrong either way.

They’re basing that decision on research. You can have an opinion about said research, but the situation is nothing like in the US where the decision is entirely political.

Yeah, but we had this argument

on this very board and the proponents of that viewpoint were judged to be poopypants who just had too low an opinion of their fellow citizens. Or something. I was never quite sure why the viewpoint was derided. Although I don’t find it a persuasive argument for not using masks; I look at it as defense-in-depth.

I dropped my argument because of XKCD. Even if masks don’t work properly, the are a not so subtle way to remind everyone around me that we are in the middle of a crisis.

But I have seen plenty of people not put their masks around their noises.

People are stupid, after all.

Did you see this? It was posted here I think.

Man my heart aches for the poor superintendent, what an absurd spot the Gov Ducey has put him in.

Long after there’s a vaccine and things are back to normal the people of America will be dealing with a very deep scar in our collective psyche for years to come. Maybe decades. Even if we had a competent leader it’d be bad, but it’s so much worse that we don’t.

Will it ever be normal again?

At some point we’ll either vaccinate it away or just come to grips with the fact that lots of people are going to die from it every year. Humans aren’t built to socially isolate like most of us are right now.

Think long term: how will new couples meet and have children if nobody ever goes out or mixes with strangers?

If we abandon social distancing measures, healthcare systems get overloaded. If we don’t, it will take years for any sort of population immunity to build up that will allow the endemic scenario you describe above (which is going to be true with or without a vaccine, frankly). I don’t see a way out of social distancing measures without a vaccine that doesn’t involve huge loss of life over a very short period of time, and very few governments will choose that. (The opposite of what I thought when this began - I never imagined governments and populations would be okay with current measures.)

I’m more concerned about short-term. We had a conversation with out neighbour today, who has a 4 year old. He is really struggling. He hasn’t seen his friends months and months. He’s lonely, and we can hear the little guy have serious meltdowns through the walls. Millions of kids are missing out on education, and it could drag on for years. That’s going to have a very severe impact on the rest of their lives.

And as always, it’s those kids from poorest backgrounds - who don’t have parents with time to teach, access to education materials, a good internet connection or a private school with online learning capabilities - that will suffer the most.

There’s no good way out of this. We’re just going to have to adapt to the new normal for years. I hope we can sort out education as fast as possible, because the consequences are going to be awful.

Because, regardless of that, there were (and there are) countries managing spread while reopening thanks to it. It does prevent it from being a panacea, but I can’t even imagine anymore managing without it.

Same as always, hormones and alcohol. Teens and YA around here don’t seem very fazed by the pandemic, I doubt they stopped… you know.

My other cousin, not the married one, and her boyfriend now has it as well. They’re like “bleh, it’s just a cough, who cares?” and are going to see their 60+ year old parents.

Yeah, I think there will be a new normal. Much less physical contact. Handshakes will be frowned upon. People won’t get too close to strangers. The concept of masks will take hold here as in Japan.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… :gasp: Sorry. I just couldn’t be serious there.